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Politics | 2007-08-17

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The Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) in investigating a potential political attack against an activist from Sverigedemokraterna.

Sverigedemokraterna is a party that calls themselves nationalist. Some others see them as xenophobic. The party has its origin in the extreme right but has during the last years tried to be accepted by taking away the most controversial points in there program and throwing out the worst extremists from the party. They reached there best election result ever last year, three percent. Some analysts believe they will be represented in parliament after the next election. That would require more than four percent.

The girlfriend of the chairman in the party’s youth organisation was attacked and tied with tape earlier this week. The woman is also an activist in the party and was taken to hospital without physical damages. The couple has been threatened several times because of their political belonging.

Politically motivated crimes have increased during the last ten years. According to SÄPO there are two types of groups that pose a threat to people whose opinions they don’t like and in the long run to the democratic system. There are Nazi groups around the white power movement and different kinds of autonomous groups far to the left.

These groups fight with each other during demonstrations but they also perform actions directed directly to individuals.

One example is a judge that had decided in several asylum cases and sent some refugees back to Iraq. He received threats against himself and his family on the door to his home. AFA (anti fascist action) claimed on there homepage to be responsible for the action.

A few years ago the Pride festival was attacked by Nazis who wanted to stop the parade and abused a few of the participants


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