´Snus´ is dangerous according to new EU-report

Politics | 2007-08-21

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According to Dagens Nyheter, a newly released EU-report claims that snus is addictive and dangerous for your health. This might close the door for the Swedish exception from the EU-ban on snus. Sweden is the only country within the European Union which allows selling of snus.

The Swedish tobacco firm Swedish Match disagree though. They draw positive conclusions from the report  while it says that snus is less dangerous than smoking. Snus is often considered to be a better alternative than smoking while it is less dangerous but satisfy the need for nicotine.

According to Anders Ahlbom, professor of epidemiology at ´Karolinska Institututet´ and of the authors of the report, there is no scientific support for the argument that snus could lower the health risks at all. The report thus makes it unprobable that the snus would be alloud in other EU-countries.

On the question of why the perceptions of snus differ so strongly, Anders ahlbom answers that snus is a better alternative than smoking but that it increases the risks of cancer. Ahlbom thinks that the tobacco industry has a strong lobby in this issue and affects our thinking about it.

The medical spokesman for Swedish Match, Freddi Lewin, is surprised by the report. He withholds argument that snus a better alternative than smoking. - For each smoker that switch to snus one life is saved, he says. Levin also says that is is not realistic to remove tobacco, it is most important to reduce the risks.

A note on "snus" from Wikipedia:

*Snus is a moist powde tobacco product that is consumed by placing it under the upper lip for extended periods of time. It was originally developed from powdered snuff that was inhaled through the nostrils. Snus is manufactured and consumed primarily in Sweden and Norway. A version has recently been introduced into the United States and is being test-marketed by two major American tobacco companies as well as one Swedish company. However, the health effects of these new versions of snus have not yet been studied.*


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