Controversial pipeline to be re-routed

Politics | 2007-08-25

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According to eu-observer, the controversial pipeline that is planned to be drawn from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea is now to be re-routed.

Changing the route will increase the total price for the organiser Gazprom, the Russian state owned energy giant. According to officials the costs will increase with 1-12 bn Euro. One of the re-routings involves the part between the Danish and Polish part of the Baltic Sea to avoid environmental problems and also due to a border dispute between Poland and Denmark.

One of the other areas which is planned to be re-routed is the area around the Swedish island Gotland. Gotland, centrally located in the Baltic Sea, contains areas which are internationally recognized as protected areas. Sweden has also many times put forward military and security concerns about this project.

The Russian-German project aims to reduce Moscows dependence on the transit-states of Ukraine; Belarus and Poland. At the same time it increases EU:s dependence on Russia for for energy supplies, which contradicts the recently proclaimed goal by EU-leaders to diverify its energy sources and have a larger input of green energy.


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