Centre party wants to reduce taxes on alcohol

Politics | 2007-08-31

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The Centre party has its party conference in Kalmar right now. One of the decisions that were made after a long debate was to lower the taxes on beer and wine.


Maud Olofsson, Chairman of the centre party

Photo: Pawel Flato

As of today the tax on beer is 1.47 SEK for each percentage alcohol above 2.8. The tax is determined per litres. The tax on wine is up to 45.17 SEK per litre depending on alcohol percentage.

To increase the sale of illegal alcohol is the prime reason for lowering the taxes. Smuggled or home made alcoholic beverages may cost less than half of the price at the governmental owned Systembolaget. The opponents claim that even if the lower tax would reduce the illegal sale, it would still increase the overall consumption.

The Christian democrats are now the only party in the government that want to keep the taxes on alcohol at the current level.


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