Government promise to spend billions on roads and railways

Politics | 2007-08-31

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The government will spend at least a billion crowns on roads and railways during the next year say minister of communication Åsa Torstensson in a press release today. Some of the money will be spent on maintenance of the current infrastructure.

Åsa Torstensson, minister of communication

Photo: Pawel Flato

The poor standard on the railway system is often mentioned as an explanation for constant delays in the national railway system. It is especially obvious in Stockholm where the number of southbound tracks out from the centre has not been changed since 1871(!), a time with somewhat less traffic.

This affects the regional transportation system but also the national since a large part of the traffic in Sweden either goes to or from Stockholm. A slight delay at the start may cause a chain effect since there are single tracks on some routes and the trains have to wait for each other.

Stockholm is also one of the few major cities in the world without a ring road for the traffic. Vehicles that pass Stockholm or are heading from the south to the north suburbs or opposite now how to go practically throw the city centre.

A ring road is under planning but environmental concerns in the areas in West Stockholm where it would go have so far delayed the project.


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