Swedish minister may face prosecution for a comment on his blog

Politics | 2007-09-01

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The parliamentary committee on the constitution will decide whether Carl Bildt, the Swedish minister of foreign affairs, is blogging as a private person or as a minister. Bildt´s blog (in Swedish) has been widely appreciated but also criticised.

The blog is one of the most visited Swedish blogs and some says that Bildt has found a new way of communication between politicians and voters. Some representatives for more established mass media has seen this as a problem as well. In his blog he don’t have to answer follow up questions and he can always refer to his statements in his blog when mass media want to talk to him.


Carl Bildt, minister for foreign affairs

Photo: Pawel Flato

All readers on Bildt´s blog can give comments. Last spring one comment was advocating genocide on Palestinians witch led to a police report against Bildt, who is responsible for the content on his blog. That is the reason why it has to be decided if he blogs as a private person. If he does it as a politician, the committee will decide whether the police investigation will continue.


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