Mixed Swedish reactions to new EU-treaty

Politics | 2007-06-23

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Late at Midsummer Eve the EU leaders reached an agreement of a new treaty for the European Union. The reactions from the Swedish political parties have been mixed.

The four parties in the centre-right government and the biggest opposition party, the Social Democrats, all endorse the new document and its contents. The Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt claims Sweden was one of the most active advocates for lowering the demands for potential new member states.

The Greens and the Left Party, who together control little more than 11 percent of the seats in the Parliament, are against further integration in the European Union and demand a referendum about the treaty. Despite that they are far from having a majority this could be of political significant since a possible Social democratic government after the next election would have to govern with their support. The next election is however in 2010 and most likely the issue will be settled by then.

Sweden will have the presidency of the European Union during the last six month of 2009. The plan made by the EU-leaders is to have all the countries adopting the treaty by the European Parliament election in June the same year. The Swedish presidency would then be responsible for elections to the new positions, such as the permanent chairman of the European council, and the implementation of the new traety.



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