"Religious schools can be like child prisons"

Politics | 2007-09-11

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The party secretary for the Social democratic party, Marita Ulvskog, says in an interview today in Svenska dagbladet that private schools on religious base “in the worst case are like child prisons”. She also claims that they isolate the pupils from the rest of the society. The Social democrats are against profits in the school sector. Ulvskog now suggests that the public contributions to religious schools shall be stopped. If the Social democrats returns to power they will however most likely be depended on the support from the Greens, who are in favour of private schools.

The present Centre-right government has an overwhelmingly positive view of private schools in general.

In the same interview, Ulvskog also criticise the government for performing a shift in the Swedish welfare system that people who voted for them did not want or expect. She says that Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is too green. “He has never been in a government before and has only led his party during a very short time. To be the leader of a coalition government under these circumstances is not a piece of cake”


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