No parole for Swede in American prison

Sweden | 2008-09-19

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The Swedish woman Annika Östberg will not get her life time sentence converted to a specified time in prison. Östberg has been in jail in California since 1981 for assisting her boyfriend in the killing of a police officer.

Östberg has several times applied to get a parole or to get her imprisonment transformed to a certain number of years instead of life time. She would then be able to transfer to a Swedish prison. Yesterday she was denied this by a parole board.

The parole board figured that Östberg has made progress in her rehabilitation but that she does not fully understand or admit her involvement in the murder. She claims she did not pull the trigger (her boyfriend did, but she was there and assisted). The opinion of the policeman´s daughter is also considered important. She does not want any parole for Östberg and made that very clear during the hearing.

The Östberg case gets some media attention every three years (from now on; every two years) when she is permitted to apply for parole.

Tommie Ullman


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