Reinfeldt: Media is focusing on the negative.

Politics | 2007-09-17

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Dagens Nyheter had a long interview today with Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. (Photo: Pawel Flato)

Reinfeldt talks about his role as Prime Minister and how it affects his family. Another theme is the blooming economy and the fact that at the same time the economy is shining, the opinion polls show that the opposition would win clearly if the election was today. Reinfeldt admits that the government has partly failed to explain their politics and that media prefer to write about negative stuff. People are not even aware thatt hey have got substantial tax cuts he says.

Reinfeldt believes that the most important thing that will determine the chances for the government to be re-elected in 2010 is how they manage to help the long time unemployed to get back in to the labour market. Reinfeldt refer to economical expertise who claim that one third of the increase in the number of people who got a job during the last 12 month is due to the economical program of the government.

Fredrik Reinfeldt says he got a new perspective on the environmental problems after the UN climate panel came with their report last year. He now believes the climate change is for real and that the threat can be met without restrictions in the market economy. In the 70´s, he says, many conservatives saw the environmental issues as left wing since all solutions to the problems were discussed in terms of regulations. This has however changed according to the Prime Minister who now wants to take more initiative for a greener society. The opposition often accuses Reinfeldt for wanting to initiate international talks about environmental problems because he does not have any domestic ideas in the field.


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