Sweden Democrats popular among men

Politics | 2007-09-23

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According to a new unofficial poll, Sweden Democrats, a far-right party has dramatically increased its popularity among Swedish men, DN reports. Nearly six percent among men said they support the Sweden Democrats. With that high numbers they party became the forth most popular among men, with almost exactly the same support level as the Liberal Party (6 %).

Of all questioned 3,6 percent claimed they support the Sweden Democrats. Among women only 1,4 supports the far-right party, showing that the difference between men and women is remarkable.

The survey was carried out by the polling institute Sifo, and was ordered by a number of parties and organizations. In total over 5000 people were question what party they support, making the survey bigger then Sifo´s regular monthly polls.

According to political experts it is now quite possible that the Sweden Democrats exceed the four percent threshold needed to win seats in the Swedish Parliament. As it is they already have political mandates in many cities, especially in southern Sweden.



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