Sweden closes embassies

Politics | 2007-10-02

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The Swedish department of Foreign affairs has to cut on their spending and therefore they have announced that they will close some embassies and consulates, writes Svenska dagbladet. The embassies in Angola, Botswana and Nicaragua will be closed down together with the consulates in Gdansk, Hamburg and Kaliningrad. The opposition is critical and says that when the world gets more globalized it is wrong to withdraw from strategically important places. Sweden has been part projects in Angola, Botswana and Nicaragua for many decades and could assist in development of democracy and human right, and Kaliningrad is vital for the fight against HIV, trafficking and pollution claims the opposition.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt is not disturbed by the critics. He says that while some embassies and consulates will be closed down, Sweden will open up in other places.

Carl Bildt, Swedish minister for Foreign Affairs, here on a visit to Chad (Photo: Diana Janse)


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