Professor says Persson contributed to his party´s loss of power

Politics | 2007-06-26

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The analyses of the election result last September when a centre-right government took over after twelve successive years of Social Democratic governments continuous.

It was the first time since the introduction of equal suffrage in 1921 that the Social Democrats lost during a booming economy. Since 1932 there have been less than 10 years with the Social Democratic party in opposition.

Now, the Gothenburg based SOM-institute gives new fuel to the discussion reports Svenska Dagbladet. SOM is trying to measure the popularity of the party leaders. The result of the last report from 2006 is that Göran Person, then Prime minister and leader of the Social Democratic party, is less popular than his party. Fredrik Reinfeldt, now prime minister, then leader for the then biggest opposition party is more popular than his party.

Professor Sören Holmberg says to Svenska Dagbladet that the unpopularity of Göran Person might have affected the outcome of the election on the margin. The Centre-right alliance got 178 seats in Riksdagen and the Social Democrats together with the Greens and the Left party got 171. It differed les than 120 000 votes.


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