The support for the government is still low.

Politics | 2007-10-15

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The support for the government is still low shows the latest opinion poll from SIFO. The four parties (The moderate party, the Liberals, The Centre party and the Christian democrats) reach 42.2 percent and the Christian democrats do not even reach the four percent that is necessary to get seats in the Riksdag. The opposition (the Social democrats, The Left party and the Greens) get 53.3 percent.

Even though the opposition normally is ahead of the government between the elections, this is an unusually big difference.

The economy is still booming and many new jobs are created, factors that normally gain the government. But the situation was the same last year when the Social democrats lost power, so people obviously care about other issues than economy when they decide which party to support.

If the election was held last month, this would have been the result according to SIFO:

The Moderate party: 22.7 % (-3.5 % compared to last year’s election)
The Liberal Party (Folkpartiet): 8.4 % (+0.9 %)
The Christian Democrtas: 3.9 % (-2.7 %)
The Centre Party: 7.2 % (-0.7 %)

The Social Democrats: 42.8 % (+7.8 %)
The Greens (Miljöpartiet) 6.2 % (+1.0 %)
The Left Party 4.3 % (-1.6 %)

Others: 4.5 % (-1.2 %)

3.1 % of the latter group is votes for Sverigedemokraterna, a nationalistic-democratic party which has never been in parliament. Many experts believe they will reach the necessary four percent in the next election, which is held in 2010.


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