Minister wants to open up for labour migration

Politics | 2007-10-19

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The Swedish minister for migration, Tobias Billström, opens up for more liberal rules regarding labour migration.

Tobias Billström, Minister for Migration (Photo: Pawel Flato)

Bilström writes in an article in Göteborgs Posten that he supports EU-commissionaire Frattinis initiative to introduce a “blue card”, a correspondence to the American green card that will function as a new way to come to Europe. As of today asylum is almost the only way to move here for many people.

Europe has an aging population and therefore the need for labour migration will be even bigger. This is also the reason why Billström want to go further than Frattini. Frattins proposal only concern people with higher education, while Billström believe there will a need for less qualified immigrants as well.


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