EU agreement about the Baltic Sea

Politics | 2007-10-24

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The ministers for agriculture in the EU-countries today agreed on an agenda to save the fish stock in the Baltic Sea.

One of the most important results is tougher measures against illegal fishing writes the Swedish minister for agriculture Eskil Erlandsson in a press release.

Eskil Erlandsson, Minister for agriculture (Photo Erik Bratthall)

Poland, who has the biggest problems with illegal fishing in the region, will employ twenty inspectors to monitor that the fishing quotas are held.

The quotas will be reduced with twenty-eight percent in the Western parts of the Baltic Sea, and with five percent in the Eastern part. At the same time the number of days when it is permitted to fish cod is reduced with forty-one days in East Baltic Sea and twenty-five in the west.

Eskil Erlandsson was happy for the result which he and the government thinks is a step towards preventing that the Baltic Sea will be a dead sea in the future.


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