Eritrean embassy collects taxes in Sweden

Politics | 2009-04-01 | 119 comments

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Fredrik Malm. Photo. Wikimedia

The Eritrean embassy in Stockholm collects taxes from former Eritreans in Sweden.

Swedish citizens with their origin in Eritrea sometimes are forced to pay two percent of their net income in tax to the Eritrean government writes Expressen. That is of course in addition to the ordinary Swedish taxes. The Eritrean embassy collects the lists of income for the tax office, that information is public.

Refusal to pay might result in imprisonment if they return to Eritrea on vacation.

Fredrik Malm, Member of Parliament from Folkpartiet (socialliberal) says to Expressen. –If this information is accurate, the persons involved at the Eritrean embassy can not be diplomats here anymore. The Swedish state has monopoly on collecting taxes in Sweden.

Malm says that those who are affected should be allowed to have their incomes made confidential.

Tommie Ullman


Readers' comments

2012-04-12 01:40 VanKopius wrote:
Thousand of suffering children from Etiopia,Eritrea and Somalia are dying of hunger and starvation , what is doing is the global banking system of Obama and Merkozy ??
2012-04-11 05:52 Hailu wrote:
Anyone who pay tax logically to be deported back to Eritrea and live with his Isayas. Is this what you need? Why do we pay a regime who murdered thousands, who made us flee the country who pays 10million dollars as compensation to Ethiopia for the war on Badme and who made us pay 50,000Nakfa for our familie. Please think twice before you go to the dictator embassy door step to pay tax " BLOOD TAX"
2011-08-25 12:17 Simmie Syrric wrote:
well if you love your gunta govt so much then prehaps you should burn your EU passports and go back to the open arms of the never ending army service! how about that? i think the Eu should start deporting Eritreans who arecaught helping out the warlord in Asmara.
2011-08-25 12:15 EU shoulds deport Eritrean wrote:
you know what a big FUCK YOU! i hope the EU wrounds you all up and dump you back into the arms of your fucking retard junta govt i´m sure ur fucking crack-head president will welcome you with cocked up guns you fucking idiot hypocritial bunch!
2011-07-15 23:12 the honest wrote:
am realy surprise for someone when we were in sudan libya there were crying but when they reach to europe they start to talk as a hero and ignores wats happning in our homeland and trying to be more national and betrayed the other who´s talking the truth and betrayed them realy u are Hypocrites when u became comfortable forget our people who´s suffring in eritrea ,i wish to pull up your asylum right and return you to your glory leader live with him and do not fuck our mind who´s the real Patrio
2010-11-22 07:53 Eri_Canadian wrote:
If Eritrea was a nation with he rule of law, constitution, and treated its people with respect, and in a fair manour eritreans would be more than happy to pay 2%. until then. FUCK the goverment. FUCK YOU SHABIA SUPPORTERS
2010-10-23 00:26 hanna wrote:
u people live in denial the fact is ur 2% tax money is going to the pockets of ur looting bandet mafia styled govie . U all stayin in eourpan countries livin a life of exile some of u even saw their mates drown in the high seas as they were tryin to escape the hell in eritria & now look at u ure tryin to defend the devil who turned u to poor refuges! how i wish eroupe ship u back to the loving jails of eritria cuz u people are so full of it
2010-09-11 14:30 michael .t wrote:
Hi every body I born in ERITREA and I am ISRAEL citizen. Do you know I am paying 45%tax and I pay more 18% tax for everything ן I buy to eat to dress. So don’t cry baby pay it. That is your country.
2010-09-06 08:29 sameer wrote:
hi all, my advise to all just to pay if you can its your nation and dont if you cant ,is that easy brothers and sisters ,thanx regard
2010-08-10 09:10 Re: LBB wrote:
Can you prove what you said?!
2010-06-21 03:01 daniel wrote:
i send 500 dollar to general wuchu every month, so i don´t have to pay 2%. be smart people, do like i am doing, so you can avoid paying 2% tax
2010-06-20 06:07 LBB wrote:
Same thing in Holland. My wife is Eritrean and the Eritrean Embassy there wanted 2000 euro to extend her passport cause she hadn´t payed the 2% of her income for a few years (she does not have a job, so no income) when the embassy discovered that I (her husband) was a non Eritrean, they told her directly: "your husband is white, he has lot´s of money, so he should pay 2% of his income to the Eritrean government". That´s the way the dictatorship in Eritrea threats their people and foreigners.
2010-06-19 21:34 LBB wrote:
Same thing in Holland. My wife is Eritrean and the Eritrean Embassy there wanted 2000 euro to extend her passport cause she hadn´t payed the 2% of her income for a few years (she does not have a job, so no income) when the embassy discovered that I (her husband) was a non Eritrean, they told her directly: "your husband is white, he has lot´s of money, so he should pay 2% of his income to the Eritrean government". That´s the way the dictatorship in Eritrea threats their people and foreigners.
2010-04-21 13:30 eriman wrote:
if u dont pay u dont get any srvice from the government offices, like buy house or to get id just anything, even 2send money back home u have 2pay the 2% tax, or do it in black market,
2009-05-21 00:44 WEDI TURU AMHAREYTI wrote:
2009-04-21 01:39 Concerned Eritrean wrote:
Hello Eritreans, Why pay taxes for a junta government that does not respect its own people. It makes me sad that my father paid his life to free Eritrea just to find out that Eritrea is governed by Mafia´s and serves few people. Eritreans, where is our mind...Could not we discern black and White...I feel bad and May God free Eritrea...May God give strength to the thousands of people jailed in under ground and containers.
2009-04-14 17:12 AK wrote:
What is the different from any other country taxes. I pay 28% tax here in Canada, and I´m ok with it. If you don´t pay the 2% tax in Eritrea, you don´t get the Goverment services, however, you don´t go to jail for it. So please get your facts straight before you start spreading lies. In life the two things that are an avoidable are: tax and death. If you are a holder of a double citzenship, you are obligated to abide by the laws of your dual citzenship countries.
2009-04-06 23:47 Dawit wrote:
i think we should pay 20% instead
2009-04-06 20:19 Beyene Asbu Tazaz wrote:
It is a new nation.It needs help.We are going to help our government and people till it stands on its legs.May God help he/she who helps Eritrea.
2009-04-05 07:28 biniam.d wrote:
Taxation without representation!!!!
2009-04-04 22:34 Re- MIcael Gebru wrote:
Michael u better stop talking about things you never know. The racist political parties in sweden are using the same argument like that of yours. Being a black man in usa you shuold not use such argument. Eritreans in sweden are hard working people.
2009-04-04 22:13 Abraham wrote:
There is this thing called law. Swedish citizens are expected to abide Swedish law. If you are holding a double citizenship (Swedish/Eritrean), you need to abide by the law of the country depending where you are. Nobody is forced or required to be double taxed if the person is not expecting service from the government of Eritrea. Expressen is showing its true colors, the West´s pressurizing tool. Twisting fact and missinforming has never been or will never be objective journalism.
2009-04-04 21:56 waresay wrote:
I have submitted a comment 2 days ago and it was in a respectable languahge, yet I do not see my commenet published is tere any censur under way?
2009-04-04 21:54 Re-ply To stockholm news wrote:
The isue of 2% was raised by dagensnyheter more than 10 yeras ago, and the embassy office made it clear why eritrean swedes have to pay 2%tax. You may search it in tehir archive. The embassy doesn not need to reply every newly graduate journalist who come up with the same question now and then. Yes to say "Eritreans who do not pay 2% tax get jailed when they visit Eritrea" is pure fabrication. You may need to visit the eritrean communities in sweden and ask them for verification. Good luck.
2009-04-04 21:21 Jesus Christ wrote:
To the so called modern politicians/journalists. If you´ve nothing to do, do it somewhere else, not in Eritrea. #As Eritreans are unique people & they know what is best for their country & they do NOT need swedish "adviser" for that matter. And haw much TAX they pay or haw much MONEY they send to their BELOVED COUNTRY(Eritrea) is nobody´s business. The enemies of Eritrea are trying everything to destabilize the county, but the country is too strong for this kind OFF cheep politics.
2009-04-04 20:50 TADDESE TEWELDE wrote:
2009-04-04 19:20 tkul wrote:
we donot have freedom to no and we donot have freedom to think the right objekt about the "esayas regim becouse we donot have view to see the the futurity what will happen for eritrea and eritrean look how many people leave thier country and flee to sudan and ethiopian after the freed of eritrea from ethiopia, the was must for all eritrean to return and build the country and live in peace but look what is happening esayas sent our brothers and sisters to the hell,do think what is absent,nothing!
2009-04-04 18:25 Yonathan Sebhatu wrote:
This GOE`s style of collecting money is illegal. The other countries where the eritreans live must stop this because there is another country interfering in collecting taxes.
2009-04-04 17:59 Siyom wrote:
What do expect from a tag regime or mafia that is running the country like a sheep when bona fida erittean are jailed or tortured for speaking the wrongs done at the people.
2009-04-04 15:33 WEDI ERE wrote:
The vast majority of Eritreans, both at home and in diaspora, are very much aware of and put the heavy burden of bulding the nation in all fields and taking care of: the orphans, the elderly the disabled on their shoulders.This is unique Eritrean.Then there are very few Chikens who march backwards.As always "THE CAMEL IS WALKING,AND TOGS ARE BARKING".
2009-04-04 13:18 Hzbawi wrote:
As usual the dog barks and the camel walks.That´s the buttomline. Awet Nhafash!
2009-04-04 09:36 BIRIKTI HAGOS BAHTA wrote:
No one gets imprisoned in Eritrea for not paying taxes. Those that pay taxes have rights and those that do not pay and want to have rights will have to fulfill they duties. Mr Malm you WILL do a historic mistake if you do not get informed properly. Indeed the present government of Eritrea healed the wounds and rehabilitated 20 thousand orphan children, 90 thousnad handicaps, rehabilitated thousands of families victims of war by using wisely what its citizens contributed in higher than 2%.
2009-04-04 08:45 Bizen wrote:
I have a question for those of you who are saying that the GOE does not force you to pay if you do not hold Eritrean Citzenship. Do you know that: 1.the GOE does not renew Business Licenses of people whose children do not pay 2% tax no matter what citzenship they have? 2. GOE asks families proof that their child paid the 2% tax when they go to collect a desperately needed cargo shippment of food and medicine etc. So tell me, What do you call this? is this not force or blackmailing?
2009-04-04 04:23 Teklai wrote:
The solution is simple, If you don´t want to pay tax, don´t pay it, but don´t expect to benefit in anyway by going back to Eritrea. You are lost causes and Eritrea will be better off with out your presence. What a bunch of losers.
2009-04-04 02:45 Hagerawi (again) wrote:
REMEMBER,we in the diaspora may not be held responsible directly for what is going on in our country today BUT history will judge us for betraying and not standing for our people.Today ERITREA is the only African country with no constitution, parliament,free press and opposition political parties. It´s the only country that is run by one petty dictator.If this is what we fought for or paid a heavy price simply to replace amharic speaking Mengistu by Tigrigna speaking Mengistu,GO AHEAD pay TAXES
2009-04-04 02:26 Hagerawi wrote:
Those who want to see the economy to be in shumbles,violation of human rights,arbitrary and summery execution of citizens,injustice,detention without charge,denaying democratic and human rights of the people,initiating wars with the neighbours one after another cousing the death of thousands of our young men and women,´YES´go ahead and send your hard earned money to the merciless dictators that put our beloved motherland to the bottomless pit.
2009-04-04 00:30 Medhin Berad wrote:
Eritreans how long are you going to be hoodwinked by the incompetent regime of Isays. How can you let yourselves pay a chunk of your hard earned money to be used as a repression tool towards our sisters and brothers, is it not time to wake up and say enough is enough. You are becoming spineless.
2009-04-03 23:39 Amanuel. wrote:
I am pure Eritrean and Swidish in paper. I pay gladly the 2%, that´s teh list I can do. What about who bouhgt the Country with their own blood??? The folkpartiester are houling like a dog, but the CAMEL is marching and is on the rihgt path. I ´m sure that allmost 90% of Eritreans support their government, only less than 10% losers and some who just think they are swidsh b/se they live in Sweden, and who betrayed their country and their people, can houl like folkpartister. SHAME ON YOU.
2009-04-03 23:16 Henock. wrote:
The mafia like regime in Eritrea extorts money from Eritreans living in Sweden by threatening arrests of their family members at home. It is a crime that needs to be stopped. Sweden should shutt off the Eritrean embassy in Sweden ASAP.
2009-04-03 21:17 Jesus Christ wrote:
It´s sad to see politics been played like school games in this day & age. What´s clear here is, weither Swedish´r paying tax to their government or not, is NOT any concern to the people/govrnment/politicians of Eritrea. So, WHY is it a "Swedish" politician seem to be "vry concerned" about Eritrean-TAX as if he is more Eritrean than those who really are ? NO ONE CAN BE MORE ERITREAN THAN THE ERITREANS THEMSELVES. Eritreans´r too smart for this kind of politics. & sad to see it plyed by Swed.
2009-04-03 20:30 Ibrahim wrote:
It is no one´s business to intervene within the community and Eritrean society on how they assist their country. We in diaspora are ready to pay even more than two percent of our income. Any body have question about this? It is my money and it is for my country neither Swedish party or government or any other coutry for that matter have any legal or ethical involvement in our people and our country. Leave Eritrea and Eritreans alone. For those who claim to be non Eritrean we do not need yor 2%.
2009-04-03 20:12 Love-Therapist wrote:
Under different pretexts, since 1998 the Eritrean overnment has been forcing us to pay huge amounts of money. Eritrean embassies are nothing but blackmailing offices. The money is then used by the same government either to oppress its own people or wage wars . The case of Dawit Issac is a good example how cruel this hutsler gvernment is. There are thusands of people like dawit who are suffering for years without any charge.
2009-04-03 19:07 human being wrote:
no body for my safety I am eritrean living & working in saudi arabia yeah thats true we pay 2% and alot charges with any services we cannot renew our passports with giving huge amount of money to eritrean emb. i do not know who us to stop this as we are poor strangers out of of our homeland and thanks to swedish media to explore this
2009-04-03 19:06 Justice Eritrea wrote:
Tax payers are usually represented to choose where the tax money is spent, but the mediocre Eritrean government can not develop he country to generate any prosperity instead is a parasite blackmailing the country loving Eritreans to pay 2% income from their gross earning in any forgein country. Eritreans wake up do not be stooges to the evil regime in Eritrea. The country needs investment not blackmail. The only thing a mafia regime is probably that
2009-04-03 18:55 BullSh*t wrote:
i am eritrean living in london.I think you people think you want to pay tax 2% have you ever asked where you money goes? does it benefit the eritrean people. I have flee my country 20 years ago through Sudan then to europe. Why is it more numbers of eritrean are still fleeing the country until today? you guy who are sitting comfortable by the fire drinking wine are full of bullshits....or you are sent to give comments by the dictator. The government works hard for the eritrean not to unite.
2009-04-03 17:49 Zelam Wekesa wrote:
Mr. Malm, do not accuse unaccuseable. 2 % is for those who have either Eritrean Citizens only or for those with DUAL Citizenship, in your case either ERITREANS OR SEWEDISH/ERITREANS. Almost 90% orginal Eritrean have Eritrean ID-Cards or even Eritrean passports. Do you mean these are not Eritrean with an obligation to come up with their Taxpay. If they drop their Eritrean Citizenship officialy NO Tax to pay and nothing to do with Eritrea they are only by birth Eritreans. Only Swedish No Tax.
2009-04-03 17:18 Temesgen Kidane wrote:
The 2% is only for present Eritrean nationalities not for all originaly from Eritrea. Ask yourself if you are talking about Eritrean citizens or Eritreans by orgin.2 different cases. Turks in Germany fullfill their Turkish obligation, I´m takling about Turks not Turks by orgin. Please do not mix your political interest in LEGAL and LAWFULL policy of honest COUNTRIES LIKE ERITREA. Mr Malm, Member of Parliament from Folk- partiet has to differenciat between Eritrean & orginal Eritreans.
2009-04-03 15:56 Gual Eri wrote:
Not only 2% we are even paying more,why you folkpartister in Sweden crying for this.We will pay more.
2009-04-03 15:44 Habte Hadgu wrote:
It is true that the GOEritra collects from those who have the ERITREAN NATIONALY 2% from their earning. Those who don´t have Eritrean Nationality are not asked to PAY. As A Swidish or US citizen or else being Eritrean by orgin do need need to PAY. But he can not claim any RIGHT to practice because he/she is originaly Eritrean. Those who do no have Eritrean Nationaly are like forgheiners, has to enter to Eritrean with Visa & can not buy or sell property in Eritrea. Who has RIGHT has OBLIGATION.
2009-04-03 15:17 Tegermo wrote:
If you are Americans,swidsh, Briths etc you mast pay tax if you are Eritrean nationalist well you mast pay your tax otherwise you are not Eritrean nationalist.Don´t mixed with your anger with the gaverment Eritrian( problem)
2009-04-03 14:41 Biniam wrote:
It is absolutely NOT TRUE that the government of Eritrea imprisons those who don’t pay 2 % of their income. I live in Sweden and I have been in Eritrea many times before to visit my family and no body asked me if I pay 2 % of my income. In fact, I am will spend my semester for this session in Eritrea.
2009-04-03 14:09 John wrote:
Believe or not I have lost the right to obtain a Foreign citzenship(that I wanted immensly)due to some certificates that can´t be obtained if I had not payed the so called 2% to the Eritrean Embassy!Do you really think to be loved by your people acting this way?
2009-04-03 13:26 HabenHagereEritrea wrote:
Helping your country of origin, noble action, one thing but giving your money 2% and more for a regime with not transparent & no accountability in place is a crime. The Dictatorial regime in Eritrea is a mafia regime and hijacked Eritrean origins either to pay 2% or no privilege at all and even can’t visit your family in Eritrea. The dictatorial regime and opportunist -supporters in Diaspora who support the regime will be accountable for the crime they are committing. Well-done Tommie Ullman! And we need to peruse with legal mater to stop the crazy action of the so called diplomats in Eritrean Embassies worldwide.
2009-04-03 13:15 Micael Gebru, USA wrote:
It is true that the embassy of government of Eritrea taxes 2% of income of people of Eritrea who are living in Sweden. The majority of those Eritreans who pay 2% taxes are the once who are living on welfare of the tax money of the citizens of Sweden; one of the many reasons is that those people they work under the table, and thus they have extra money which they can not put in the bank; so they have to spend or put it in Eritrea for which they must pay the embassy of Eritrea 2%.
2009-04-03 11:27 Wediere wrote:
The Eritreans have payed dearly for their beloved nation.We have brothers and systers,mothers& fathers who payed the only thing they owned i.e. their life,after serving their entire life in an imaginable conditions.What bothers you if we help the children who are left alone,the wivies of our fallen heros, the elderly who payed many of their children? We don´t expect you to tell the truth about Eritrea.We know that Eritrea is, for sure on the right track, and it´s enough.
2009-04-03 11:25 solo wrote:
No body is forced too pay tax and it is a lia that ppl get prison because they dont pay tax but they dont get servise from goverment office and the EXPRESSEN shoud check their information before they write such skit,and what is their problem expressen that we pay 2%????
2009-04-03 11:13 Stockholm News wrote:
We have tried to speak to the Eritrean embassy but they do not want to give any comments more than "It is a fabrication". If any of our readers want to write a short article explaning why they think this is inaccurate information, we might publish it.
2009-04-03 10:47 ERITREA WILL NEVER WALK ALONE wrote:
This is part of an ongoing campaign which targets the Eritrean diaspora to distance themselves and reject the Eritrean government.Sweden has been very active in this matter for many years.If I say am an Eritrean, then I have to pay my dues to get something in a country of my citizenship;and 2% is one of it.If I say am a Swede,then it is the same.By the way, why would you care if I pay even 10%?I think your problem is that you couldn´t imagine what Eritrea means to us.
2009-04-03 10:26 The Refugee wrote:
STOP FINANCING THE DICTATORSHIP IN ERITREA!!! Because of that 2% tax we lost our brother and siste.. look I am in Sudan almost in 500,000 Eritrean refugees living here Because of some Eritrean Selfish people policy. in Libya 3,000 Eritrean in person, Why don’t ask about them? Why don’t protect your people instead of supporing the Dictator Government. There is no food in Eritrea, there is No enough water in Eritrea. Why don’t ask about this thing??? God save Eritreans.
2009-04-03 09:18 haile ftwi wrote:
i will pay my 2% tax to the eritrean govt. and my children will follow suit,the matter has nothing to do with a dual citiznship,i am and will remain eritrean and i hate the quisligs league, long live eritrea sweeet home land of heroes
2009-04-03 07:10 Elilta wrote:
No one is forced to pay 2% of their income. I have visited many times, but no one asked me if I had paid 2% of my income. It is another story if you claim to be an Eritrean citizen and you want the benefits that the country offers you must pay 2% of your income. "You can´t have your cake and eat it too."
2009-04-03 06:58 We want 10% tax to eritrea wrote:
What is your problem if we pay 2 or 10%of our money.What is the socialliberal agenda behind this campaine.I hope you are not waiting an answer from the government of eritrea,hahahah
2009-04-03 04:08 A Proud Eritrean!!!! wrote:
As was alluded by many, paying taxes to your country is an international law that existed for centuries. Eritreans, whether living in sweden or US, willingly pay a 2% tax so as to help with the nation building efforts. As a matter of fact, the idea of taxation was initiated by the Eritreans in diaspora who felt that, considering the enormous sacrifice made by the freedom fighters in realizing independence, paying taxes was the least they could do. I know it´s hard for you Tommie to digest this
2009-04-03 04:08 Saleh wrote:
dear fellow eritreans, you are either Eritrean or swede. you have to choose when it comes to citizenship and thus taxes. another government can not force or demand taxes. we know the eritrean regime gives villa and awards lands to eritreans in sweden when they pay tax. #1. you have to pay home tax for swedish government #2. another government can not use such techniques to take taxes #3. STOP FINANCING THE DICTATORSHIP IN ERITREA!!!
2009-04-03 03:36 TESFA MIS TITSBIT wrote:
If u want to know about what is happening in Eritrea call your parents or your close family to know the truth how cruel govenment we have people are hungry no food no fuel or gas if with cupon one MASHELA BREAD per day please eritrean don´t fool your self and be nice to your people $1.00 is 40 plus NAKFA ?????????????????
2009-04-03 03:32 Warsay wrote:
Tmmmie. We are talking about eriteans with both swedish and eritrean citizenship not only swedish citizens. Only those Eritreans who hold dubble citzneship pay 2%.If you terminate your Eritrean citzenship you do not have to pay any thing as you will be seen as a foreigner or tourist. THe solution is very simple you just make your choice
2009-04-03 03:24 BERHANE wrote:
2009-04-03 03:24 Qoqah wrote:
Good job Sewden I wish Canada and USA follow you!!
2009-04-03 00:51 Semhar wrote:
Hahahaha OMG! what a lie.... Please check your sources. Did you for example asked the Eritrean embassy for a comment? Funny I have to mention this. Tommie Ullman...Thanks for making me smile.
2009-04-03 00:32 Biniam .d wrote:
RAZZA & co For the people that are claiming that they are paying 2%. I have question for these people. How come you live outside Eritrea. We fought for more than 30 years why is it more people are leaving Eritrea not than during Derge.
2009-04-02 23:57 Tedi wrote:
What in the hell are you talking? I don´t pay 2% but I went to Eritrea twice and no body ask me. The only time you will be asked is if you need something from the goverment office and nothing wrong with it. In order to get a service as a CITIZEN you have to do your dutt as a citizen. Please do your research before you put some rabish and garbage stuff unless otherwise you got paid to smear campain. This will kill your news paper repteation and its trust worthiness. SHAME ON YOU NEWS EDITOR.
2009-04-02 23:42 aman wrote:
it true that the government of eritrean is taking 2% from every eritrean by force . those who say that is not true are desiving them salfes not othere but like me we don´t pay 2% because no one one now where this money goes .but thanks for bringing this isue to the light Aman from canda
2009-04-02 23:40 Razza wrote:
Another smear campaign against Eritrea from a papper that never check thier source before going to print!It´s all about a choice. You can´t eat the cake and keep it at the same time. You can´t be swedish and eritrean. If you want to keep your rights in Eritrea you ought to follow the rules there. The ONLY time I am asked weather I paid my duty or not in Eritrea is, when I need an official service from a govenmental office. Otherwise i can keep on going in and out to Eritrea when ever i want.
2009-04-02 23:20 Dawit wrote:
2% is not much, but I do not pay it. Don’t believe I have to pay tax in a country that I don’t make a living. It is unfortunate Eritrean government chose a mandatory tax instead of voluntary contributions. I believe many would have gladly contributed more than 2%. To those accusing Eritrean Govt unrepresentative, dictator etc wrongly, Eritrean mothers voluntarily sacrificed their own flesh and blood to the struggle. The leaders were voted, not by paper but by blood. Practically Every Eritrean families scarified a son or daughter and some more for the struggle, and truly represent the people.
2009-04-02 22:00 EPHREM wrote:
2009-04-02 21:57 ephrem wrote:
I have never ever heared this kind of lie!! Hello Expres!! Do u have another stupide idea
2009-04-02 21:45 Mike wrote:
Paying the 2% it wouldn´t be an issue if the life of all Eritreans is improving.
2009-04-02 21:24 des wrote:
A friend of mine who resides in the US, used to send money to his aging Mother in Asmara/Eritrea. She kept most of this money in a state bank. Unfortunately she passed away. When my friend asked the bank to send him back the few 10s of thousand dollars as his Mom´s will, the state intervened and told him since he did not pay taxes for the last 15 years, his Mom´s money now belongs to the government. Talk about highway robbery. He told me he has no idea how that money is now used and by who.
2009-04-02 20:46 DY wrote:
Waite and Waite did you just write, “Refusal to pay might result in imprisonment if they return to Eritrea on vacation.” Well, this is totally bogus, hence this report is invalid. You can woof as much as you crave, however you will never deceive anyone with this article. The truth is if one doesn’t pay MEHWEYI GBRI (taxes), one can’t get service from the people (international norm) period. Just because someone is selfish and doesn’t feel like to fulfill his or her obligation, it doesn’t make the obligation wrong. Believe me you have the option not to pay, you will never get arrested for that reason but I can assure you’ll never get the services you desire from the government. You might as well stop calling yourself a citizen i.e. how it works in US.
2009-04-02 20:45 war-say wrote:
paying 2% of ur income to eri government is not voluntary. for example if you are imigrant with a dutch nationality and you want to get married in holland, u are supposed to bring birth certificate from the place of birth, in our case eritrea. so even if you decided to get rid of yr eri id, u are forced to pay the fee anyways. it is in many cases the western rules and laws who push us to the rigime in eritrea and pay the so called better not get married in stead of helping a crazy gover
2009-04-02 20:41 yonas wrote:
thi is ok 2% is not too much
2009-04-02 20:16 Sabaye wrote:
This is another FILTHY LIE right through the TEETH of a DONKEY! I Suggest that Tommie Ullman make a PUBLIC APOLOGY TO THE ERITREAN GOVERNMENT AND TO ERITREANS!!!
2009-04-02 20:06 Biniam .d wrote:
Taxation without representation!!!!
2009-04-02 19:58 Robiel wrote:
It is unethical to pay 2% tax to a dictator who is killing our people.
2009-04-02 19:37 this is not news worthy really now wrote:
Eritrea is one of many other African nations sending back money to Africa why is this newsworthy honestly even if they were told to pay taxes the sum would be insignificant and they are private funds it’s like giving money to charity how cares Filom we are a Eritrean opposition member so of course were comment is going to be politically motivated and distorted hopefully the Swedish mp is not influence by people like filom how represent 1% of the population
2009-04-02 19:32 Eritrean-American wrote:
Tommie it´s not about having your origin there. It´s about being Citizen. Being Eritrean citizen living abroad is a choice. As an Eritrean-American I pay both government taxes. If I had lived in Eritrea with American citizenship I would have been liable to be taxed by Uncle Sam. That has never been question. But when an African government utilizes that policy it is unacceptable? In America I pay about 12% taxes. I am all for paying 0.02 out the dollar to see the development of Eritrea! And you??
2009-04-02 18:58 Haile (NY-USA) wrote:
2% tax revenue for Eritrea helps to facilitate currency reserves needed to import oil, food, gas, other basic commodities, and security to service citizens of Eritrea. As a son of Tegadalay who was born in Meda but now reside in the U.S., i feel that i am obligated and is my duty as a dual citizen to pay my taxes. I love my country and its wonderful people for they have sacrificed their generation to realize harinet of my nation. I support my government strong tax collection policy.
2009-04-02 18:19 Senai wrote:
It is amazing to see the bleeding haters and useful idiots making so much noise. Tell me this, is Europe and American governments giving Meles Zenawi the red carpet treatment in spite of invading countries, renegading UN ruling, stealing elections and massacring 10´s of thousands ? Where were the Swedish noise makers then ? Yeah keep dreaming that you live in democracy and westerners look after your interest.
2009-04-02 17:59 Picaso wrote:
I was living in Eritrea but recenly moved to the West to escape from this brutal regime. Everyone in Eritrea think that the Eritreans living in diaspora are the accomplices of this rogue regime. The reason is simple. The taxes that you pay are used to prolong the suffering of the people. If Eritreans abroad were tough and wise they could have controlled the action of the government. The for instance threaten to stop paying unless conditions in Eritrea are improved. Shame on you !!!
2009-04-02 17:38 Filmon wrote:
Pay 2% to Dictatorial regime of Eritrea?!? you must be out of your mind! ..this 100% illegale, the swedish goverment and other goverments around the world must not allow this to go anymore. it is shocking enough the Eritrean Dictatorial regime have embassy in sweden live along illegal 2% tax thing!
2009-04-02 16:45 Selam wrote:
Just remember those of you who are in support of the 2% tax the money that you fork over has enabled this brutal regime to stay in power while the citizens of Eritrea are going hungry, dying from treatable diseases, tortured, imprisoned or murdered for opposing the government or simply practicing their faith as they see fit, the youth have no future they are forced into decade long military service under the guise of social service and those who dare to risk being shot at by our own government o
2009-04-02 15:43 Ahmed Salih wrote:
I have a brother who payed his 2% tax from net income and i did not pay the 2 % tax. The Eritrean government foud the place where my brother´s( family)origin is and to my suprise he got his land allocated in Gahtelai. Eventhough my grand grand parents were born and lived in Shiketi they were immigrats from Gahtelai. i was out of words and happy for what has been done. And i know one day i will start paying my tax. to get the service i need. MY brother lives in Saudi and i live in USA.
2009-04-02 15:27 Simon wrote:
The argument is, Eritrea is not the only one that imposes taxes to dual citizens, one can argue about allowance, percentage of tax and means of collection, but it not a unique thing to Eritrea. If you don´t like it, the solution is simple, cut your ties and no one will chase your for not paying taxes.
2009-04-02 15:01 Aman wrote:
One of the unique ways in which Eritreans in the diaspora are financially supporting the government and the people of Eritrea is through the tax collection system. In addition to supporting with relief and humanitarian assistance, about 750,000 Eritreans around the world are taxing themselves 2% of their annual income to help the economy as well as participate in the process of reconstructing their native country.This is SELF-RELIANT STYLE DEVELOPMENT,and why is the west against Self-Reliance???
2009-04-02 14:46 Denny wrote:
I am Swedish on paper but my blood is eritrean , so what is the problem of supporting my motherland ??? And by the way ,if somebody doesent want to pay he will not send to prison --this is a lie--. I know a lot of friends who are not paying but still going to Eritrea for vacation.
2009-04-02 14:15 Hopeforever 91 from Sweden wrote:
Paying 2% of your income volentary to your country is so a good idea if the money is to be spent on social sectors but to the contrary at this time money collected from Eritreans living abroad is used to oppressed our people and strengthen the dictator abd brutal regim of Isias and other his pupets so please we Eritreans say togrther no 2% to a dictator regim to save our people and shortening the life of the dictator.
2009-04-02 13:44 Steve wrote:
Simon. I AM an American citizen living here in Sweden. If I am out of the US for a set number of days in the tax year I get an $86 000 foreign income credit. The Eritreans get to fork over 2% of their net income. Life would be much simpler if people would stop shooting their mouths off about things that they obviously know little or nothing about.
2009-04-02 13:32 Sven wrote:
check out They say - eritreans are not going to jail because they do not pay the 2% tax.
2009-04-02 13:17 Tekul wrote:
Yes everyone has to pay 2%. THat is why I can´t go back home to see my paretns because I can´t offered the 2%.
2009-04-02 10:53 Bus-Zone wrote:
Every one knows the (bandits) runing eritrea lik their own shop , just we have to take stand and say No more %2 if the price is we wont see our family so be it remember there people who paid with their life so let us dry the {swamp) under their feet until they crumple
2009-04-02 10:25 tom wrote:
thanks at last someone is doing somting about it.i had to pay £500 and if i dont then my family in ertrea will go prison
2009-04-02 10:13 ZEMEN wrote:
The Eritrean case is different from the American one. First of all there are no american refugees like Eritreans, secondly Eritreans that have Swedish citizenship can only be loyal either to sweden or Eritrea. I know people who come to Eritrea on European passports harassed at trhe Airport. They are asked for their Er Id and if they dont have iot or happen to forget it they face so many brutal things. Again as a friend said, the payment should be only if you ask a service. here, PFDJ is just
2009-04-02 09:04 Annonymous wrote:
Those Eritreans who are claiming the 2% tax collection is legal are wrong. First of all, no Eritrean including the supporters of the dictatorial government pays actual 2% of their income. They try any means to cheat and present lower income. Secondly they pay the 2% not because they believe they use any service from the dictatorial government but only to get out safely whenever they go back home. iN SHORT, IF YOU DON´T PAY 2% tax, you may end up in prison once you go back home. This is reality!
2009-04-02 07:59 biniam .d wrote:
imon. I can understand if you are pro government at any cost but you cant argue what the Eritrean government is doing is according to the law. If I´m Swedish citizen and buy a house in US in this case the American government can tax me a % based on the value of the house but nothing else. In my opinion this is the norm. By the way why would somebody pay 2% tax for what? The goverment was not democraticly elect by the people.
2009-04-02 07:32 Nasser wrote:
Wow, it is amazing to see someone writing an article full of errors and others commenting on it as the information provided is all accurate. The Eritrean Embassy is collecting taxes from Swedish-Eritrean, those who voluntarily applied for an Eritrean Identification card. While visiting Eritrea those individuals are entitle to same rights as an Eritrean. They are treated as a citizen of Eritrea, they do not pay in foreign currency for service as other tourist do, they are given free land in the town of their ancestry, because for the little payment they did they earn lots in return. You don’t have to take my word, call anyone of Eritrean descendent and find out for yourself. I am an Eritrean by birth and American by choice. I do pay my two percent, because the payment out weight the service I receive in return. People going to jail, because they did not pay the 2% give me a break. If you do not pay the 2% you are not entitle the same right as an Eritrean citizen in Eritrea, that’s All. We Americas do pay taxes from income earned abroad. The Eritrean government is just doing the same thing, if it was illegal to do so, the Eritrean Embassies around the world would have not being SO BUSY collecting taxes from their citizens abroad. May God help Eritrea
2009-04-02 06:42 Robel wrote:
An additional follow-up.. The 2% is cumulative! This means if an Eritrean naively visits Eritrea and has not paid his/her 2% since 1993, you could be hit with a huge bill. There have been some amnesties over the years, but I think there´s still a limit of paying 5 years of back taxes. It is quite serious for Eritreans traveling there. Commonly Eriteans just use false documentation in the US to show ridiculously low income!! But in Sweden with incomes apparently on public record, I know no way to overcome this. Sounds terrible.
2009-04-02 06:40 Robel wrote:
Let me add firsthand info, as an Eritrean, also a US citizen with US passport. To visit Eritrea, I must enter & exit with my Eritea ID. They do not recognize my US passport, so I require an exit visa to leave. Jacob is correct - the 2% is "voluntary," unless you want an exit visa, or conduct business as he mentions. I know no one who has been imprisoned, but tax receipt is required to exit. In the USA, I must show my Social Security earnings statement to prove income.
2009-04-02 05:51 Sam wrote:
It is not taxes Eritreans pay it is Kick back , bribe to the dictators of the unfortunate land of despair. Some day there will be a free Eritrea.
2009-04-02 05:23 max wrote:
simon you do not know about usa if you work outside usa it tax free,but if you wont to make your retarment in come highre you con report your income .forget this in usa when you are 60 years old you get payed every month .what do you get in eritrea you do not get service nor money.
2009-04-02 03:55 chi wrote:
this is just fabracation news. there is a 2% tax,it is better to pay if you wants to bulid a house or do some buss. in eritrea. but they are not goning to take you to imprison when you go to on vacation.
2009-04-02 02:49 why talk about his now ? this is not new wrote:
what is the article talking about Eritreans in Sweden contribute there money to Eritrea if they wish to .nobody is force to pay money like this article states which is a lie I don’t see no Eritrean police members in Sweden with power to force somebody to pay taxes any way what does the Sweden politicians care if Eritreans which have already paid there Swedish taxes do with their private funds or any other citizen in that country as long as it is not adversely harming the country which it is not. This article is in reaction for Eritrean government not listening to Swedish mp about a Eritrean journalist how happens to have a dual Swedish passport. The journalist was born in Eritrea and spent the majority of his life there so why make such a big deal out of nothing one person how is hardly Swedish. Israel people of origin contribute to Israel whatever their dual passport why doesn’t the Swedish mp stop them giving money to their origins i.e Israel government
2009-04-02 02:33 Simon wrote:
Lancelot Eritrean as many other countries does not recognize dual citizenship, if one does not like the law, the solution is simple, don´t go to Eritrea. If one revokes their citizenship, as long as they don´t visit the country or try to have business interests, no one is going to force them to pay tax. Again I reiterate, If say an American was to marry a Swede , live and pay tax in Sweden, as long as he/she still holds their American citizenship, they are tax liable to uncle Sam.
2009-04-02 02:29 nobody is force to pay taxes wrote:
people with iseral oegin were ever they are in the world including iseral sewden pay some taxes to iseral so whats different with eritrea i now why becuse we didnt listen to you about the eritrean journalsit how you claim we have in prison
2009-04-02 00:43 lancelot wrote:
Simon...we are talking about Swedish citizens here. Not Eritrean...its as simple as that. If you are an american citizen, how would you like it if Sweden started to tax you...?
2009-04-02 00:21 Simon wrote:
Tommie, If you check American law, If you hold American citizenship whether you pay Swedish tax or not you have to pay tax to uncle Sam as well. I don´t see how it is any different in the case of Eritrea.
2009-04-01 23:15 lancelot on his horse wrote:
Jacob let´s assume you are right. First why have a ´volontary´ tax?? If it is volontary nobody would pay it. Secondly I think this system is wrong even if it is volontary. Instead they should just pay fees for what they are doing in Eritrea...building houses or whatever. So I think you should step down from your horse and think about it. It is NOT allowed to tax people who are citizens and live in other countries. If they run a business in eritrea, it should be taxed THERE not here.
2009-04-01 23:02 Jacob wrote:
It will bode well for the writer to get his facts right. No Eritrean living abroad is forced to pay tax and will certainly not be imprisoned on visting Eritrea. The 2% tax is voluntary and becomes compulsory if the person in question wants to use facilities in Eritrea eg build a house, run a bussiness etc. Get off your high horse and get the facts right.
2009-04-01 22:12 Tommie wrote:
Simon, If you are a Swedish citizen and live in Sweden I do not see why you should be forced to pay taxes to any other country even if you have your origin there.
2009-04-01 22:06 Simon wrote:
How is this news, so does America, every American has to pay his taxes where ever they work in the world. I think this is unfair vilification of Eritrea. May be the they will be happy to see Eritrea become like Ethiopia, dispite given billions in aid, still 10´s of millions starving. Get a grip will you.

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