From a kiss to a political scandal

Politics | 2007-10-31

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Today was not the best for Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. His secretary of state, Ulrica Schenström left her position to take a so-called "time-out". The reason is an embarrasing kiss at a restaurant in Stockholm.

But the kiss was not as innocent as one might think. When it was captured with camera by a journalist from Aftonbladet it became public that her "friend" was a political journalist working for one of the main Swedish TV-channel TV4. It is to say the least ´not appropriate´ with such a close relationship between a political journalist and a person which it is his job to scrutinize.

For Schenström it was even worse since her position as a state secretary that is responsible for state security does not fit in to this kind of behaviour. Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has defended her during the whole story but today she left the position volontarily. Reinfeldt has received heavy criticism for his arrogant answers to questions whether she was on duty for state security service that particular night. Actually he still refuses to answer that question referring to "state security".

This is the fourth personal setback for Reinfeldts government when it comes to resignations. Actually all resignations are within the Moderate party which makes it even worse for Reinfeldt. In October 2006, two ministers resigned after scandals about their past, related to different forms of tax evation. In September 2007 the defence minister resigned as a protest against big cuts in the defence area which he himself could not influence. Today then, came the forth resignation. Not by a politician, but perhaps even worse: Reinfeldts closest fellow-worker.

Source: Dagens Nyheter and TV4


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