Mongolian silver crown. Photo: Etnografiska museet

Lost crown from Mongolia found after 25 years

Stockholm | 2009-07-03 | 1 comment
When Anders Åhlén, a detective superintendent at the Stockholm police, was about to move out from his office, he discovered a bag covered with dust. When he opened it he found a treasure that had been lost for 25 years.

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It was in 1984 that a Mongolian silver-crown was stolen from the Ethnographic Museum in Stockholm. It was retrieved and put into the police posession sometime in the 1980´s. Since then it has been stored in a bag in the National Criminal Investigation Department at Kungsholmen in Stockholm.

The bag has been stored in an office which was used by two detectives before Mr Åhlén.

- To be serious it looked rather shabby. I saw it as trash, Mr Åhlén says to Dagens Nyheter about his discovery of the bag.

The crown is now brought back to the Ethnographic Museum. This is ´where it belongs´ according to Dagens Nyheter.

In my opinion, its real home should be in Mongolia.


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