More cannabis plants in Sweden

Sweden | 2009-07-15 | 5 comments
The police have confiscated four hundred percent more cannabis plants this year than most of the years before. So far in 2009, they have confiscated cannabis plants at six hundred occasions.

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So much cannabis is now produced in Sweden that the market is self-supporting and there is no need for import.

According to the police it is not about people who have a little plant at home for their own use, it is more the really big commercial producers that have increased their business.

-We had one case in Södertälje (south-west of Stockholm) lately. It was a three room apartment full of cannabis plants says a police representative to the Swedish radio.

Readers' comments

2009-07-22 16:53 No Cal Native wrote:
Legalize - Tax - solve your money problems Sweden.
2009-07-17 13:08 Alex wrote:
Take it serious. To many people are high in Canada, much of the time.
2009-07-15 18:07 Frustrated At Dumb Laws wrote:
So if they got 600 locations how many thousand more are their - cant they see the war is pointless when its against the general population. How come we all see it including the police but not the media or people in power?
2009-07-15 17:23 DamaskinosWasRight wrote:
= Three rooms of cannabis is what I need for my personal consumption. At least I do not drink stupid alcohol or smoke stupider tobacco! +
2009-07-15 17:21 Jack Herer wrote:
well done sweden, self sufficiency is definately the way to go :-) from - rest of the world

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