Donald Duck in file sharing debate

Culture | 2009-07-27 | 3 comments
In one of the latest Swedish editions of the Donald Duck comic album, the duck gets involved in illegal downloading. The publisher now regrets the topic.

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Donald Duck (Kalle Anka in Swedish) sees the opportunity to make money and starts to illegally copy music. The moral message in the short episode could easily be interpreted that illegal downloading is wrong and that the artists need to get paid. It is also said that the original version of a CD is better than the copy since pictures and other material follow.

- It doesn’t feel like this is a coincidence. It rather feels like the episode is ordered from someone. This is propaganda says Fredrik Strömberg, chairman of the Swedish Association for Promotion of Comics, to Nyheter 24.

The topic of file sharing is controversial in Sweden and the publisher now says that they want to stay out of politics and should never have published the story. But they deny any political purposes.

- Donald Duck is an international comic and this episode was produced in Holland in 2007. It is very common that the same episode is published in many countries but since the topic is so controversial here we should of course not have let it through, writes the publisher in a statement according to Politiksajten.

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2009-07-28 20:38 Imperator wrote:
2009-07-28 18:55 Gladstone wrote:
Where can I download the episode?
2009-07-27 17:44 wrote:
It is unfortunate that the comic was not presented in a format that discussed the issue, but didn´t judge and allowed the reader to draw his/her own conclusion.

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