Two dead in shootings outside Gothenburg

Sweden | 2009-08-10 | 1 comment
Today there was violent shooting north from Gothenburg. Two men was found dead in a building and the car that was connected to the murder was followed and shot at by the police.

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The death-shootings took place at a small village called Stora Höga (see map) and led to a big police gathering. The car which was involved in the murder was followed by both police cars and a helicopter south towards Gothenburg.

According to Göteborgsposten, the police shot after the car they persued. They were aiming at the car tyres. An internal investigation will start (as is routine) about whether the shooting was reasonable or not.

At 16.25 two persons in Gothenburg were arrested. They are suspected to be involved in some way with the murder. The arrested men have suspected links with Hells Angels.

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2009-08-11 00:31 Mr. Nickolaus Hendel wrote:
It is interesting to note that if a person shots a gun it is to be said thats wrong, or maybe, criminally intentional which makes it dead wrong. So, if the gun here shot is reasonable it would make the murder more what? REASONABLE? Give up the ghost?

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