Government confirms more potential SAAB buyers

Economy | 2009-11-29
The rumors about other potential owners to the Swedish car manufacturer SAAB is now confirmed also by the government.

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Undersecretary Jöran Hägglund confirmed this today but at the same time, he did not want to sound too hopefull. Hägglund will now go to Detroit for intense negotiations with GM before their board meeting on Tuesday. The negotiations with the other potential buyers take place in parallel to this.

- We have contact with several stakeholders, partly we describe the instrument we have, but also to see what they have to offer and how their plans are for SAAB, Hägglund says to Swedish Public radio channel SR.

To the question from SR of whether we can still have hope for SAAB, Hägglund said:

- I have repeated that the whole time. Since they say at GM that they have no given up, I think this is what should guide us here also.

Undersecretary Hägglund does not want to give any details on which stakeholders he refers to, but according to SR the investment group Merbanco is still interested.

Already tomorrow, Hägglund will meet several important persons in GM in Detroit which he values very much before the board meeting on Tuesday.

- For us this is important. We have had running and intense contacts with GM for a long time now. But is is crucial for us to clear out all the facts before their board meeting. There must be no vagueness about what economic securities we can offer. It is also important for us to have a chance to speak our mind to them, sayd Mr. Hägglund to SR.

(note that the quotes are translated from Swedish and are not exact)


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