Program for saving the Baltic Sea

Politics | 2007-07-09

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The minister for the environment, (see picture)  Andreas Carlgren presented yesterday at Almedalen the governments program for saving the marine life in the Baltic Sea.

Photo: Pavel Flato


One of the major problems is eutrophication which leads to stinking and sometimes poisons algae. These algae kill the rest of the marine life.

Altogether there are nine countries around the Baltic Sea and Carlgren points out that the solution has to be international. Sweden will therefore work for a ban on phosphorus in laundry detergent.

Starting next autumn there are one million SEK founded for fishing Bristling in order to reduce their quantity. Bristling eats plankton and plankton restrain the growth of algae. Founds are also given to a number of smaller project such as reducing the environmental effects on the sea from sewers at private homes or weekend cottages along the coast line.

Sweden is since several years funding projects around the Baltic Sea in order to reduce the discharges into the water. Bureaucracy and incompetence have however delayed or postponed some of these projects. Swedish Channel 4 made a documentary in April about a project in Kaliningrad where SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) since 1997 have spent 20 million SEK to create a sewage treatment works. In Kaliningrad no such thing exists, all human spoils go right out in the Baltic Sea. After ten years nothing has happened. The Russian authorities and the Swedish company Sweco are still blaming each other.


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