Armed Forces prepares for recruitment of professional soldiers

Sweden | 2010-03-03
The first of July this year Sweden will phased out the system of general conscription. Instead, the sub-officers, soldiers and sailors will be employed in war units. Next year the Armed Forces will thus become one of the country´s largest recruiters.

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According to a parliamentary decision taken last year, a new system for supplying the Armed Forces with personnel will now be introduced. But according to the Armed Forces, the staffing of the war units will not be fully filled until 2018. The fighting force will however be mostly set up in 2014.

"The Swedish Armed Forces capability to take part in international efforts in the coming years is dependent on the success of recruiting those who have done military service in the past," it is written in the budget documents, news agency TT reports.

The Armed Forces also hope that Swedish employers will look just as natural on times of service in the armed forces as they do on parental leave.

"They also need to understand the benefits of the experience and skills that the staff bring back from the military service. The Parliament and the government must take the necessary decisions that gives support in laws and regulations," writes Jan Salestrand, at the Armed Forces Headquarters.

The budget documents also proposes solutions for helicopters so that the Armed Forces from 2013 will be able to use helicopter capacity abroad, something that has been missing during the current ISAF deployment in Afghanistan.


General conscription was introduced in Sweden in 1901, but have roots as far back as the 9th century.

The decision to switch from conscription to a professional force only applies in peacetime.


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