Turkish organisations demonstrated against genocide decision

Stockholm | 2010-03-21 | 47 comments
A few hundred people gathered at a Sergels torg in central Stockholm today to protest against the parliament’s decision to label the killing of Armenians and other groups 1915 as genocide.

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The demonstration was organsied by several Turkish organizations. Many speakers criticized the Social Democrats for changing their minds on the issue writes the web version of the daily newspaper Svenska dagbladet.

There were also banderoles where one could read that the decision sabotages the reconciliation process between Turkey and Armenia or that history should not be decided by politicians.

Read the background here.

Readers' comments

2010-05-09 18:48 Sylvia wrote:
II)on Islamic solidarity. But it isn´t Ottoman Islam that these Islamist Turks seek to revive. Their Islam is more in tune with the fanatically anti-Western principles of Saudi Wahhabi Islam. It is not clear whether the present government of Turkey really cares to be part of the EU. Thus, when European leaders insist that Turkey has no place in Europe, they may be playing into the hands of the Islamist forces in Turkey who can say, in effect, "The EU is a Christian club which will never accept
2010-05-09 18:48 Sylvia wrote:
From the remnants of the Ottoman Empire, Atatürk founded a modern democratic state by forging the entirely unprecedented notion in the Islamic world of a secular Turkish identity. Moreover, this identity was to be based on the Western notion of loyalty to a geographic entity rather than religious solidarity. Today there is an internal battle among Turkish Muslims between forces that want to be part of the Western world and those that want to return Turkey´s political identity to be based primar
2010-03-30 08:36 KL wrote:
Europe should reject Turkey. Erdogan had joined the axis of evil:ANKARA - NATO ally Turkey, a nonpermanent member of the U.N. Security Council, has refused to support additional sanctions on Iran because of Tehran´s controversial nuclear program, angering the West. "There is still an opportunity ahead of us and we believe that this opportunity should be used effectively. Not less, but more diplomacy [is needed]," Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Burak Ozugergin said March 24.
2010-03-28 06:28 Lisbeth wrote:
What civilized jurisprudence exists in Turkey under Erdogan?
2010-03-27 00:52 Boyadjian wrote:
One of the main witnesses of the genocide was the german Pastor Johannes Lepsius who already witnessed in 1896 the provinces where massive of Armenians took place between 1894 and 1896. He also quotes the letters german Ambassador Wangenheim sent to his Kanzler. 7/7/ 1915 : the way in which the deportation is perpetrated, proves that the government really sues his objective of extermination of the armenian race in the Ottoman Empire. Read Lepsius and the german documents, Morgenthau, James Bryce
2010-03-27 00:30 Boyadjian wrote:
There is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see! First of all, we descendants of our grand parents who lived in various parts of Turkey and were spoiled,raped, massacred and deported, are the most important evidence of genocide. In 1915 there were more than 2 million ethnic Armenians living in various turkish provinces, after 1918 not even 200 thousands of them still lived in Turkey! From 1915 to 1918,representatives of humanitarian missions,foreign diplomats, were witnesses.
2010-03-25 22:57 Hally wrote:
Stilletto, All civilized modern jurisprudence requires the ACCUSER TO PROVE THEIR ALLEGATIONS. No civilized system of jurisprudence requires the accused to prove their innocence. It is for those claiming genocide to bring forward judicially credible admissible evidence to establish the crime they allege occurred happened. Armenians chose instead to keep their Dashnak archives hidden from the public and rely upon notorious forgeries, false quotes and fabricated/photo shopped pictures.
2010-03-25 01:11 Garo (PARIS) wrote:
The important geostrategic position of Turkey,780.000 km2, more than 70 millions inhabitants, situated between Asia and Europe,in the vicinity of the major world oil fields , its influence on the turkish speaking countries of central Asia, and arab countries, are of course of great interest for the political powers: state interests are more important than moral considerations. Under this aspect, the position of the swedish government is understandable, but morally highly detestable.
2010-03-25 00:44 Garo (PARIS) wrote:
The swedish democrats who voted the motion about genocide perpetrated against Armenians and other christian minotities, have probably read the witnesses of Nansen (Dane), Pastor Johannes Lepsius(German, Ambassador Morgenthau (American)published in their books.Their is no doubt that they voted according to their conscience, and not because o stupid allegations about "armenian lobby": there are much more Turks than Armenians living in Sweden, more interests expected from Turks and Turkey.
2010-03-25 00:28 Garo wrote:
The turkish official policy cannot be different from its Archives, where the ethnic turkish people are victims of the Armenian civil minority.Before the armenian thesis about Genocide began to be known in the world in the years following 1970, the turkish people did even not know that Armenians lived in their country.This is the result of the policy of different turkish governments , excepted one government before Ataturk, which considered the atrocities against Armenians as genocide.
2010-03-25 00:10 Garo wrote:
Yes, the presence of the armenian diaspora in the world (mainly USA, FRANCE, ARGENTINA, ARABIC COUNTRIES after 1915 is due to genocide and mass deportations)not to economic reasons. Some courageous Turkish people, mainly intellectuals, consider these events as genocide. The turkish official archives published on the web are a caricature: the turkish people are often described as victims of the Armenians, a minority, while Armenians males elder than 16 were forced to serve in the ottoman Army.
2010-03-24 09:19 fehmi wrote:
24 Also do you understand why Prof Richard Hovannisian from California University, a prominent character of the Armenian dispora said that establishment of such commissions was very dangerous? ( Do you understand why they want their imaginary past be accepted by the politicians who are dependent on their voters who can want them to voice even their lies?
2010-03-24 09:19 fehmi wrote:
23 Now do you understand why the Armenians are fiercefully against the establishment of historical commissions composed of independent historians ? Do you understand why they have not couraged to apply to an international court of justice for 90 years? Also do you understand why Prof Richard Hovannisian from California University, a prominent character of the Armenian dispora said that establishment of such commissions was very dangerous? (http://www.koph
2010-03-24 09:18 fehmi wrote:
22 and Yes, they can ban the books of the makers of their history, they can buy politicians by their votes and urge them to accept historical resolutions and memorial laws in their parliaments, they can threaten the historians who do not support their thesis, they can sue them, they can even bomb their houses (, they can make the world opinion blind by their propaganda and may deceive some of them, but they can never ban scholar thought sile
2010-03-24 09:18 fehmi wrote:
21 and the book of K.S.Papazian ‘Patrionism Perverted’ are banned in Armenia. It is also a fact that all the copies of the book of Hovannes Katchaznouni, in all languages were collected from the libraries in Europe by Dashnags. The book is included in the catalogues but no copies can be found in the racks. It is not surprising either that, the Armenians even claim that nobody called A.A. Lalayan, the Soviet-Armenian historian, ever lived!
2010-03-24 09:18 fehmi wrote:
20 That is, the Armenian ancestors who created their history (the top representatitives of the Ottoman Armenians, Dashnags and prime ministers of Armenia), the Armenian historians and poets who wittnessed this period and even the Armenian murderers of Turkish diplomats are the main deniers! So, it is not surprising that both the book of Hovannes Katchaznouni, the first prime-minister of the Armenian state, ‘Dashnagzoutiun Has Nothing to do Anymore’
2010-03-24 09:18 fehmi wrote:
19 And they also are very frightened of the question how the Ottoman Government eradicated 1,5 million of Armenians but in spite of this it was the Ottomans who first conceived the idea of founding an independent Armenia, and recognized it first. Moreover, it was the Ottoman Sultan who first wished not only the development of Armenian Republic, but that she be strong in order to retain her independence!
2010-03-24 09:17 fehmi wrote:
18 States Government Printing Office, 1948, Vol IV, p 139-157). Of course they fear a question of why the Turks did offer autonomy to Armenians if they decided to eradicate them. And they fear the question of why and how the Armenian prime minister Simon Vratzian applied the Turkish government on March 18, 1921 and asked military help of the Turks against the Bolsheviks, in spite of the fact that the Turks committed a (so-called) genocide and murdered 1.5 million Armenians!
2010-03-24 09:17 fehmi wrote:
17 the other fact that the executive committee of the Dashnagzoutiun rejected the proposal in August 1914 before the war broke and that they rejected all other Turkish calls of negotiations repeated during WWI too, are the major points that are not wanted by the Armenians to be known (Garo Pastırmacıan, Why Armenia Should be Free?, Boston, Dec.1918, Hairenik Publishing Company p. 16-17 and Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States The Paris Peace Conference 1919 , United S
2010-03-24 09:17 fehmi wrote:
16 Of course, even these few examples give great harm to the present Armenian thesis and lead people to question the Armenian’s innocence, their predominance in Ottoman population, and most importantly their genocide thesis. Of course, the fact that Turks offered the Dashnaks an autonomous Armenia (made up of Russian Armenia and the three Turkish vilayets of Erzurum, Van and Bitlis) under the suzerainty of the Ottoman Empire’, if they joined the Turkish side and stopped supporting the Russians,
2010-03-24 09:16 fehmi wrote:
15 in the beginning of March 1915 and in chief of this army had been an Armenian general called Andranik. This had been prepared as four parties and had started to battle with the Turks in Iğdır, under the leadership of Russian general Dron and had proceeded to Van, they had occupied Van and meanwhile had destroyed and had fired Turkish villages (Dışişleri Bakanlığı <Santa Barbara Suikasti. Telephone from Washington Embassy to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, 15.6.1973, No:220 and June 21, 1973. N
2010-03-24 09:16 fehmi wrote:
14 Even Gourgen Mıgırdıç Yanıkyan (age 78), the Armenian murderer of Los Angeles prime consul of Turkey Mehmet Baydar (age 49) and the co consul Bahadır Demir (age 30) in Santa Barbara, in 1973, was a real denier, Turkish nationalist and agent of Turkish government. Because he admitted in his trial on June 13, 1973, via his attorney Lindsay that he (Yanıkyan) had been a member of an army made up of 10 000 volunteers to fight against the Turks in Armenia,
2010-03-24 09:16 fehmi wrote:
13 Papazian critized A. Khatisian and the then prime minister S.Vratzian for not publishing the text of Treaty of Gümrü which they signed on December 2, 1920 to put an end to the war between Turkey and the Armenian Republic on December 2, 1920, which coincided with the entrance of Bolsheviks in Armenia. Papazian also stated that the Armenian prime minister Simon Vratzian applied to the Turkish government on March 18, 1921 and asked military help of the Turks against the Bolsheviks!
2010-03-24 09:15 fehmi wrote:
12 and Muslims. The Armenian journalists of Armenian newspapers published in İstanbul, like Hayrenik, were also deniers, since they praised the Ottoman government for letting the relocated Armenians return their previous locations in 1918 and allocated 2 million liras for their return. They were deniers since they also critized the Russians and other states for using the Armenians as their tools. KS Papazian the writer of ‘Patriotism Perverted’ published in 1934, in Boston was also a den
2010-03-24 09:15 fehmi wrote:
11 another denier and Turkish nationalist: ‘..Şad ısdrugner yeğan azad/Miyayin menk mnank hılu hıbadag/Zeytuntsiner mer zposank/E baderazm yev arşavank/ Sur, tur, kıntag yev hıratsan/ Mer khağalikın en havidyan….’ (A lot of slaves were set free/ Only we were left who were obedient/Amusements of us, people of Zeytun are/ War and raid/ Our inexhaustible toys are/ Sword, saber, bullet and gun…….) (Nor Knar, p99). Zeytun was one of the places where the Armenians rebelled and massacred the Turk
2010-03-24 09:14 fehmi wrote:
10 (Contrarevolyutsionnıy ‘Daşnaktsutyun’ İ İmperialisti-çeskaya Voyna 1914-1918 gg.’, Revolyutsionnıy Vostok, No.2-3, p.92, 1936) Armenian T. Haçikoğlyan who told that the Dashnaks eradicated thousands of Turks with their bloody hands (T. Haçikoglyan, 10 Let Armyanskoy Sttrelkovoy Divizii ,p4-6. İzdatelstvo Polit. Uprav. KKA, Tiflis, 1930) was also a denier and agent of Turkish government. The Armenian poet Mikael Nalbandyan who wrote these lines in his poem ‘The March of People of Zeytun, was
2010-03-24 09:14 fehmi wrote:
9 One some times feels the bullets shouldn´t be wasted. So, the most effective way against these dogs is to collect the people who have survived the clashes and dump them in deep holes and crush them under heavy rocks pressed from above, not to let them inhabit this world any longer. So I did accordingly. I collected all the women, men and children and extinguished their lives in the deep holes I dumped them into, crushing them with rocks." (Contrarevolyutsionnıy ‘Daşnaktsutyun’ İ İmperialis
2010-03-24 09:14 fehmi wrote:
8 (Erich Feigl, A Myth of Terror, Edition Zeitgeschichte Freilassing, Salzburg, Austria p.97) The Armenian Soviet historian A.A.Lalayan who stated that the Dashnaks displayed extreme courage to massacre Turkish women, children and ill and old people and who also quoted the following report of a Dashnag officer, Aslem Varaam written in 1920, in Beyazit-Varan was an Armenian denier and he was also hired by the Turkish government . The report of Aslem Varaam was "I exterminated the Turkish popu
2010-03-24 09:13 fehmi wrote:
7 stated that the Armenian nation would never forget that it was the Ottoman Government which first conceived the idea of founding an independent Armenia, and recognized it, that the Armenian Government would do everything possible to protect friendly relations between the two countries and to strengthen them. His Majesty thanked and stated that he was very happy at seeing the envoys of independenbt and free Armenia, that he wished not only her development , but that she be strong in order to re
2010-03-24 09:13 fehmi wrote:
6 Armenian Messrs. Ahonian and Hadissian who were the spokesmen of the Armenian delegation of the New Armenian Republic and visited Sultan Mehmet VI, Vahdeddin in Istanbul on September 6, 1918 were also Turkish nationalists. See the telegram sent by Mr Ahorian to the Armenian Prime Minister Kachaznuni: ‘On September 6th, we presented our congratulations on his accession to the throne. We submitted our best wishes for the development of the Empire and its well-being and
2010-03-24 09:13 fehmi wrote:
5 (KS Papazian the writer of ‘Patriotism Perverted’ published in 1934, in Boston, also confirms this Turkish suggestion. Note that ‘Patrionism Perverted’ is banned in Armenia). *The decision of the deportation of Armenians was a rightful measure taken by Turks. *Turkey had acted with an instinct of self-defence. *Their government was a Dashnak dictatorship. *The fault was within the Dashnak Party. They should commit suicide. They had nothing to do.
2010-03-24 09:12 fehmi wrote:
4 Another main denier was Boghos Noubar Pasha, the Armenian National Delegation President in The Paris Peace Conference 1919 who also stated that the Turks offered them autonomy in August 1914, much before the deportation, but they rejected this proposal and placed themselves without hesitation on the side of the Entente Powers from whom they expected liberation [Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States The Paris Peace Conference 1919 (United States Government Printing Off
2010-03-24 09:12 fehmi wrote:
3 and Turkish emissaries offered Dashnaks an autonomous Armenia (made up of Russian Armenia and the three Turkish vilayets of Erzurum, Van and Bitlis) under the suzerainty of the Ottoman Empire’, if they joined the Turkish side and stopped supporting the Russians. He also stated that the executive committee of the Dashnagzoutiun rejected the proposal! The other Armenian members were E.Aknouni, the representative from Van, A.Vramian, and the director of the Erzurum Armenian schools Rostom
2010-03-24 09:12 fehmi wrote:
2 “Garo Pasdermichan (Pastirmaciyan), the Ottoman deputy of Erzurum and commander of all the Armenian officials and soldiers of the Ottoman Third Army which joined the Russian Army in 1914, was the main denier and Turkish racist. Because, he wrote in his book ‘Why Armenia Should Be Free’ (Boston, Dec.1918, Hairenik Publishing Company p. 16-17) that annual Congress of Armenian Party Dashnagzoutiun was held in Erzurum in August 1914, before the war broke,
2010-03-24 09:11 fehmi wrote:
1 The real deniers are the Armenians’ ancestors who made their history. The term of ‘denier’ is being used for everybody who critisize and question the Armenians’ present thesis of genocide. They use the terms ‘agents of Turkish government’, or ‘people hired by the Turkish government’ or ‘disingenous scholars/authorities’ Turkish nationalists’, ‘Turkish racists’ also for people whom they call ‘deniers’. Here are the names of the ancestors of the Armenians who comply with these terms:
2010-03-23 22:42 John wrote:
(continued) Then Ottoman government saw that if nobody does a thing, the Armenian community won´t have a chance to survive in the East. They will perish. The country had no army at ready, it could not interfere with the incidents going on. Instead, they decided to move Armenians from East to the South East region. Sadly, many people have died on the way, there was no food among people, no cloth to wear. All the Anatolian population was starving, the people on the way could not survive the road.
2010-03-23 22:41 John wrote:
(continued)..started to clear out the Eastern territories out of Turkish population. They were attacking the villages and killing randomly, women, old people, children... Then Russian Revolution happened in 1915 and Russia withdrew from war and from the Eastern part of Turkey. Now, we and the Armenian people were remaining. The people, who´s relatives have been killed by the Armenian, wanted revenge. Then they attacked the Armenian parties. But Son, we have not killed children, nor woman...
2010-03-23 22:41 John wrote:
Well this is what my friend´s grandpa (he was living in a village in the eastern parts of Turkey when these incidents have happened) has told: "We have lost in the front against Russians during WW I. Then they collected our weapons, have taken the soldiers as prisoners. Then they asked Armenian people if they want the Eastern part of Turkey as their land. So, the Armenian people said yes. Then, the Russian army gave Armenian people weapons and they raided villages, started to clear out the area
2010-03-22 12:37 IAGS & ICTJ say it was genocide wrote:
Who says the academic world has not recognised the genocide?! That is what the official Turkish denial policy wants to assert. Read the resolutions of IAGS: and the analysis by ICTJ: How feeble to deny obvious 21:st century resolutions and documents when they are in front of you very eyes!
2010-03-22 05:48 Gary wrote:
Thank you Swedish parliament for your courageous decision!
2010-03-22 04:52 Mark wrote:
There was no so called genocide, armenian some got killed when they were cought red handed with blood in their hands killing only the weak Tuks while their strong man in front lines fighting the invaders, they started the killing and they lied about the numbers, no more than 9.000 was killed, and that was not orginized killing, during deportation some parrished but aremnians are the blame for all this now they cry on shoulders of the world who carries a cross, sorry get a life and go on
2010-03-22 03:08 The Stiletto wrote:
What "events" are Turks always talking about? What, specifically, occurred during these "events" that could possibly lead historians and world governments to conclude that it was a genocide? Can Cengiz or some other Turk please describe these 1.5 million "events" so I can decide that what happened to each and every one of the Armenians who died was not a genocide? And then when those "events" are explained, can any Turk explain the other "events" that resulted in the deaths of other Christians?
2010-03-22 02:16 Aram wrote:
Congratulations to the Swedish democracy who currageously recognised a historically proven reality: the Armenian Genocide. In fact the genocide occured even after 1923, this time cultural genocide by the destruction of more than 1600 armenian churches, monasteries and schools in Aantolia . Also to remind, under the so-called modern Turkish Republic, in 1923 seized minority belongings, deportations of christians in 1942, wealth tax in 1943 and deportations, greek pogroms in 1955...
2010-03-22 01:33 haybaxt wrote:
The only country that has rejected the Armenian Genocide is Turkey, the rest of the countries abstained from recognizing the Armenian Genocide because of geo-political reasons. The last stage of any Genocide is denial, so there is nothing extraordinary is taking place. Turkey does what usually Genocide perpetrators do: reject the committed crime unless are forced by the leading powers to accept the truth and apologize for the committed crimes.
2010-03-21 22:25 ArmadAlliance wrote:
The previous post demonstrates the need for the affirmation of the Armenian genocide around the world. Turks have been taught for decades that the 2 million Armenians that vanished actually wronged them. This is a textbook scenario of victimizing the victim -- the last stage of genocide. Truth is, Turks continue to commit genocide against Armenians: whether by assassinations, sadistic policies, or complete theft of their lands and art and culture (most artifacts in Turkish museums are Arm.)
2010-03-21 21:24 Cengiz wrote:
Even historians cannot decide that the events were in 1915 a genocide or relocation,Swedish MP´s can NEVER take a decision about an empire which don´t exist today. On the other hand NOONE talk today about killed Turks. There is no Interest between the events and Today´s Turkey.Turkey founded 1923,The events happened in 1915. I feel really curious if Sweden will take decision about Khojaly Massacre or Armenian invasion in Azerbaijan.This happened not 100 years ago.It happened only 10 years ago!!
2010-03-21 18:25 shame on the Swedish wrote:
Why would one admit a rime that he/she didn´t commit? The Swedish parliament made a nasty decision by supporting the cause of Armenians based solely on their Christian brothership. It was those Armenians who did genocide to a million Turks, as the first Armenian president admitted: He stated that though it was Armenians who tried to do genocide to Turks, they failed at their goal. When a Christian nation does genocide, that is ok; when they lose in their goal, that is called genocide? Pathetic!

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