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Politics | 2007-07-15

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Folkpartiet (The Liberal party) has this weekend come with some new statements about migration policy. Nyamki Sabuni, minister of integration, proposed during the last day at Almedalen a bonus to immigrants who learns Swedish

Nyamki Sabuni

Photo: Pawel Flato

-A third of those who starts SFI (Swedish for immigrants) fails the course, says Sabuni.

The bonus would be a few thousand SEK. The government believes it is vital for integration that new immigrants learn Swedish. It is also importent to speak the language in order to get a job, which according to the government is the single most important step towards integration.

The day before Sabuni’s speech the Liberals came with a new report on integration policy. The essence of the report is to stimulate jobs and studies instead of passivity. In many parts of the country immigrants who participate in integration programs get welfare instead of salary. That means that if they work extra on evenings and weekends they loose some of the welfare money.

The report suggests that no welfare should be paid to newly arrived immigrants. Instead all effort should be made to give them jobs or education (for example language courses)

Both Sabuni and the report criticise municipalities that refuses to accept refuges. Some of them are the most prosperous municipalities in Sweden.

The report has been criticised for being too harsh and for putting all the burden for failure of integration on the immigrants instead of seeing factor such as discrimination.


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