Museum stops exhibition about homosexuality in religion

Culture | 2010-06-07 | 9 comments
The museum of World Cultures in Gothenburg cancels a planned exhibition about homosexuality in religion in order to avoid disturbing religious groups.

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Elisabeth Ohlsson- Wallin was the photographer behind the Ecce Homo exhibition in 1998. Jesus was then portraited as a homosexual person. This offended many Christians but it stayed with peaceful protests, also when the exhibition was set up in the famous cathedral in Uppsala. Now she has been taking photos in Jerusalem to create a new exhibition.

Olsson Wahlin said to the Swedish television (SvT) that she wants to show the oppression against LGBT (Lesbian-, Gay-, Bisexual- and Transgender-) persons in the three major monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism). She shows texts from the Bible and the Koran where homosexuality is condemned and illustrates it with photos of half naked, or almost naked, people of the same sex in different kinds of sexually challenging positions.

Even though the museum has financed parts of Ohlsson-Wallin’s trip to Jerusalem they will not show her pictures. After having consulted religious representatives from the three religions they did not want to present them as a separate exhibition since they could offend people. They did offer the artist to let them be a part of other material but Ohlsson-Wallin declined since she claims it would be confusing for the viewer.

Ohlsson-Wallin said to SvT that she has been in contact with other museums that are willing to show the exhibition.

In 2005 the same museum took away a piece of art made by a Muslim artist because more conservative Muslim groups found it offensive.

Readers' comments

2011-01-06 02:18 Garry Lawson wrote:
Ok so you cant be gay in Sweden incase you offend some one, and Jesus cant be gay because the church says so. Actually most religions shun homosexuality, but it still exist, nice to know the government does what it is told by the churchs.
2010-09-17 01:54 Bobby wrote:
Maybe this woman could get some museum in Saudi Arabia to exhibit her photographs about homosexuality and the Koran. She seems to be nothing but a provacateur who is extremely careful in who she provokes.
2010-06-10 05:31 Roy wrote:
I wonder which religious representatives they were worried about. Could it be that cute little one that sanctions killing cartoonists? I doubt there too concerned about Team Jesus.
2010-06-10 05:01 omar wrote:
To each their own
2010-06-08 18:34 Steve H wrote:
I find it disturbing and paradoxical that in contemporary Sweden it is considered acceptable for conservative theists to cause offence to others but not for others to challenge those who have chosen a religious lifestyle. Now we have images which appear to be showing religion in a negative but honest light, and conservative theists want it banned. It appears that free speech in Sweden (and England too) is contingent upon faith, whilst others´ rights to liberty are trumped by faithmongers.
2010-06-08 07:45 Marc wrote:
This is bull.
2010-06-08 04:59 Jesus wrote:
Multiple religious sects exist because of the benignly misleading allowance for subjectivity any religious text inherently possesses. If I believe Jesus loved dick then you´d better believe it.
2010-06-08 03:22 Mr, John H. wrote:
I think there´s been sone ratinal discussion about this by some (mainly or partially) American readers. My take on the actions of the ´Museum´: despicable. (note, words in quotes have been assigned their own ´special´ meaning) (in other words, not much of a museum.)
2010-06-08 02:53 MM wrote:
Thats gay.

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