Crown Princess Couple married

Sweden | 2010-06-19
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel was today declared husband and wife. In one of The Royal Mews gleaming vintage cars they arrived at Stockholm Cathedral. A moment later, the church bells began to toll and thus called for the royal wedding to start.

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The Crown Princess wore the “Kamédiadem”, the same cameo tiara that Queen Silvia wore on her wedding. Victoria turned and waved to the crowd before she entered the church.

With the King by her side, she went half-way to the altar, where Daniel Westling awaited. They kissed each other on the cheek. To the sounds of the wedding march the bride and groom then joined together to the silver altar.

Tears of joy

The moment the Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling reached the altar, thousands of people who watched outside on large screens started to applaud.

Both the bride and the groom had tears in their eyes when they promised each other eternal loyalty.

When the couple had exchanged rings, a newly weaved cloth with their monogram was put up on the north side of Stockholm Palace.

Ten bridesmaids

The Crown Princess was followed to the altar by ten bridesmaids.

They were Princess Catharina-Amalia, age 5, daughter of the Dutch Crown Prince Couple, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, age 6, daughter of Norway's Crown Prince Couple, Prince Christian, age 4 , son of the Danish Crown Prince Couple, Madeleine von Dincklage, age 11, granddaughter of the king's sister Princess Margaretha, and Princess Desiree's grandchild Ian De Geer, age 8.

From the Queen's family, there were the bridesmaids Vivi Sommerlath, age 15, Giulia Sommerlath, age 14, and Leopold Sommerlath, age 7.

From Daniel's family came the bridesmaids Hedda Blom, age 11, and Vera Blom, age 6.

The Crown Princess wedding dress was designed by Pär Engsheden, as preliminary hints have suggested. The dress was made of pearl white silk duchesse, short-sleeved and with external collar that follows the curved neckline.

The bridal bouquet consisted of a mixture of traditional Swedish white summer flowers and was tied in drip form.

The bridal veil was Queen Sofia's lace veil, also worn by the Queen Silvia at her and the King's wedding.

Hymns and contemporary music

Several pieces of music was performed for the first time during the wedding ceremony.

The pieces were; 'Vilar glad i din famn' (Resting happy in your arms) with lyrics by poet Kristina Lugn and music by Benny Andersson, 'When You Tell the world you're mine' by Jörgen Elofsson and John Lundvik, and 'Hymn' by Karin Rehnqvist, which was a gift to the bride and groom from the Royal Academy of Music .

Entrance music was The Duke of Gloucester march by Jeremiah Clarke. The bridal couple marched out of the church to Praise the Lord with Drums and Cymbals.

Entrance music was 'The Duke of Gloucester march' by Jeremiah Clarke. The bridal couple marched out of the church to 'Praise the Lord with Drums and Cymbals'.

As the bride and groom wished, the hymns 'En vänlig grönskas rika dräkt' and 'Vi lyfter våra hjärtan' was sung.

After the archbishop, who officiated the ceremony, had spoken, artists Agnes Carlsson and Björn Skifs sung "When You Tell the world you're mine", with text by Jörgen Elofsson and music by Elofsson and John Lundvik. The song was written specially for this occasion.

Thereafter, the couple marched out followed by the bridesmaids.


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