Säpo: Higher terror threat against Sweden

Sweden | 2010-10-01 | 2 comments
The Swedish security police (Säpo) sees an increasing terror threat against Sweden and the Säpo chief Anders Danielsson has devided to raise the alert from "low threat" to "raised threat". This is an increase from level two to level three on a five-level threat scale.

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"There is a threat but we have control over the situation"

Anders Danielsson, photo:

The background information for Säpo chief Anders Danielsson's decision to raise the alert-level from two to three, has been collected and compiled by the National Centre for Terror Threat Evaluation (NCT) and the military intelligence service (Must).

According to Danielsson this is the highest level ever of terror alert in Sweden. But he says on the other hand that the situation is under control:

- There is a specific threat against Sweden. But the fact that we have raised the readiness to "raised level" means that we have a fairly good control over the situation. We say that there is no immediate threat, Danielsson says according to SvD.

According to the military intelligence service, the threat is not directed towards the defence forces in Sweden. John Daniels, security chief at Must:

-  It concerns certain individuals in Sweden, who have the intention and capacity to perform attacks against Swedish targets. It is too early to say what motivates these individuals, says John Daniels, security chief at Must according to newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD).

Terror trained islamists?

Säpo does not want to say whether their new evaluation is influenced by the fact that several European intelligence services have warned for terror deeds in Europe. Terror trained islamists are supposed to have entered Europe (or they are planning to come) from training camps in Pakistan to perform spectacular attacks against European cities.

According to the warnings, the presumed attacks will be focused on "soft" targets like tourist attractions and will remind of the raids in Bombay in 2008. 

Secretive about possible arrests  

Säpo chief Anders Danielsson does not want to say anything about any possible arrests. It would according to him make it more difficult to fullfil the task. If they have not arrested anyone, an answer might complicate the possibility to do it.

Neither the chief prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand at the prosecution chamber for security related cases, wants to comment about possible arrests or preliminary investigations.

Readers' comments

2010-10-05 18:31 Kalle wrote:
Where does cthe threat come from?: From Mars? Or is it homegrown Islamic terror?
2010-10-05 07:05 Kalle wrote:
Where does cthe threat come from?: From Mars? Or is it homegrown Islamic terror?

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