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Several arrested on terror charges in Gothenburg

Sweden | 2010-10-30
Several people have been arrested for bomb threats in Gothenburg. The police said they are suspected of conspiracy to commit terrorist crimes.

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The police this morning raided multiple addresses in the Gothenburg area in connection with bomb threats made against central parts of the city. Several people were arrested and are now suspected of conspiracy to commit terrorist crimes.

The police in Sweden's second largest city is still reticent with the details about the threat and the raids early this morning.

“It is such a serious crime that we do not even want to say anything about how many people we have been arrested. There is an explanation for this, but I will not go into that,” says police spokesperson Björ Blixter to newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

“This is a unique event and a success for the police that we got this far," he says.

The Police yesterday issued a press release on the bomb threats of central Gothenburg. Also then the information was scant, and police have not wanted to further explain what the threat exactly is or what parts of central Gothenburg that is concerned.

Security Service involved

The Swedish Security Service is involved in the police investigation and contributes with expertise and information. But the events in Gothenburg does not affect the general level of threat of terrorism directed against Sweden, according to the Security Service.

“That is the assessment at present, but that can change," says Patrick Peter, press secretary at the Security Service.

Yesterday the Security Service stated that the threat in Gothenburg had no connections to the raised terror threat level that occurred on October 1. Today, Patrick Peter do not want to comment about that.

“No, there is an ongoing investigation and we do not comment much on the details. We must obtain even more information than we have now," he says.


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