The Riksdag. Photo: Holger Staffanson.

The Swedish constitution to be changed

Politics | 2010-11-17 | 24 comments
The Swedish constitution will be changed next year. The final decision in the Riksdag will be made on Wednesday, but since almost 95 percent of the MPs will vote yes, it is only a formality.

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To change the Swedish constitution you need two separate decisions in the Riksdag. Between the two decisions there need to be an election. However, since changes in the constitutions normally are the result of cross block border negotiations, it is difficult for the voters who are against the changes to do anything about it at the election that separates the two parliamentary votings.

All seven parties that had seats in the Riksdag last electoral period voted in favor of the changes in the first voting in June this year. Only the Sweden democrats, elected to parliament for the first time this September this year, will vote no in the second voting next week.

Some of the changes:

• The Riksdag shall vote about the Prime Minister after every election. Today, if there is an unclear parliamentarian situation, the government can continue to govern and it is up to the opposition to call for a vote of no confidence and force them to resign.

• A possibility to proclaim extra election on regional- and local level, if the political situation makes it too complicated to govern, is introduced.

• It will be easier to enforce local referendums. One third of the members of the local assembly will be enough instead of a majority as of today.

• The fraction of personal votes needed for a candidate to be elected to the Riksdag, instead of the candidate the party has proposed, is lowered to five percent instead of eight.

• The Swedish membership of the EU becomes a part of the constitution.

• It will be written in the constitution that the ability of Sami- and other ethnical, linguistic and religious minorities to keep and develop their culture shall be promoted.

• The current requirement regarding Swedish citizenship for some higher state positions is removed. One such position is the national prosecutor (riksåklagare) which might be held by non-citizens in the future. The requirement on Ministers to have been Swedish citizens for at least ten years is removed.

• The Election Day will be on the second Sunday in September every four year instead of the third Sunday the same month.

Readers' comments

2011-11-06 01:20 F wrote:
Since people seem upset by this still I would like to inform you that you still need to be a citizen of Sweden to be a minister, just that you don´t have to have been it for 10 years. And what is wrong with respecting other ethnic and religious groups? Most optimal would be if all religion wnet away over night but to think that christianity would be better then islam or any other religion is just idiotic. Yes we can go back to living like in the 19th century and be afraid or open our minds...
2011-09-12 00:24 Marc from Holland wrote:
What is wrong with you Swedish? Have you gone mad? What do you need a Swedish passport for? Why not dissolve the army? Why not resettle your government to Mecca immediately? Or will you have a Russian prime-minister? What happend to you Vikings?
2011-03-03 10:30 kabir wrote:
non citizen should have right to join football club
2010-12-23 13:30 Finnish wrote:
Some good changes there. But why are you guys letting someone who is not a citizen of Sweden rule your country? If your land is not ruled by Swedish, it should no longer be called Sweden.
2010-12-17 20:34 Dave wrote:
Now you can cut out the CIA/SÅPO middlemen and simply install U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder as riksåklagare. But, look at his credentials carefully; for he has a reputation for letting terrorists off easy. "Holder was "a driving force" behind Bill Clinton’s pardons of FALN members. It was FALN´s January 24, 1975 bombing at New York City’s historic Fraunces Tavern that claimed the life of Frank Connor and three others."
2010-12-17 14:28 Robert wrote:
Many who comment here, mostly Non-Swedish people I believe, seem very upset for these changes in the constitution. Even though some of the things are debatable I do not understand the big fuss. Most of the changes are quite good I would say.
2010-12-17 13:54 Matte wrote:
Unfortunately it will take A LOT more for Swedish people to do do such "crazy" things like actually showing their opinions by getting involved.. We are born and raised into this belief that the government is a bunch of honest and sincere people who have devoted their life to help the people and have no personal interest in personal gain..Corruption exist everywhere and perhaps it has just affected us a bit slower than many other places.. But don´t kid yourself- things are escalating very fast.
2010-12-16 21:48 Alon wrote:
Tik, tik , tik ... can you hear that?this is the timer of Sweden.Your parliament had decided to sell your country.Don´t you have a bit of Patriotism?You hate your country that much?You can write what I am telling you,the EU won´t hold for that long,then why it is in your constitution. Non citizen to rule your country...have you ever heard of the term "conflict of interests".Someone from country X would rule your country and would hand Sweden to country X.You start thinking like your fellow arabs
2010-12-15 23:36 French visitor wrote:
I hope it is just a joke ! When multiculturalism is there it is the end of the peace and love time... You people should ask for a votation on such a subject if this is not a sad joke...
2010-12-15 16:43 Linnéa wrote:
I can see that there are most reasonable changes EXCEPT for the "non-requirement regarding Swedish citizenship for some higher state positions". First of all, which are "some" positions? I have no problems with people from other countries, cultures or religions, but since this is Sweden, I think one should be a Swede to be on a "ruling" position. Even if you were not a Swede ten years ago.
2010-12-13 16:25 Stephan wrote:
Why would you let non-citizens run your country? It doesn´t even have to be natural-born citizens, but you´d think you´d want citizens in government. Can non-citizens vote in Sweden?
2010-12-12 21:25 Edmond wrote:
As a Frenchman I feel really sorry for the Swedes who are committing a crazy and silent suicide. It is the beginning of the Balkanisation of your country, with a civil war in store. You have been betrayed by your politicians who failed to warn you of the dangers and ask for your enlightened approval. Just watch what´s happening in France,Belgium, Netherlands etc..and you will understand. When you wake up from your multicultural dream it will be too late. Try to wake up now !
2010-12-12 11:56 Marcus Borg wrote:
Well, I hope that Sweden can leave the EU anyway but all those parties that voted yes for the EU to be part of our constitution needs to get out of the parliament as soon as possible.
2010-12-12 04:04 A Canadian wrote:
I find quite sad that some people are commenting "what´s so bad about these changes". The reality is, you can be made to be anything is fine, AND believe it all came about by chance. THINK about it(if you can) you can(and will) have non-Swedish people able to "run" your country. Are you that dumb? Do you not know what is happening in the world? Everything you hold dear will be destroyed. I do not have the space to go into how´s and why´s etc. but it is simply the agenda(for all countries).
2010-12-11 18:05 Dunno wrote:
I don´t understant what are you people complaining about... I mean, they seem to be reasonable chnages, aren´t they? What is the problem?
2010-12-11 16:41 Robert wrote:
Why would Swedes protest on the streets? There are good and bad things with these changes, mostly good if you ask me. And there is a broad democratic political consensus about it. What is the problem?
2010-12-11 14:55 Pietro wrote:
What an absurd... I weep for Sweden. As a fellow European you folks have my sympathy :(
2010-12-10 22:11 Daniel Hofford wrote:
Well, the Swedish population has time to revolt and protest in the streets. But I haven´t heard a peep so far. Am I missing something?
2010-12-08 18:37 chosenignorance wrote:
What a travisty. Now you will never be able to turn back the clock on the experiments of European integration or mass immigration of Muslims. You are in reality squandring the values you seek to protect! When you come to your senses, none of this can be revoked. God help the Swedes!
2010-12-07 15:30 Dutch National wrote:
What is still theory in Sarrazin´s Germany has become reality in Sweden... I know of no parallel of such a national suicide in the history of mankind. The only question is whether the revenge of the people will be with or without bloodshed.
2010-12-03 02:25 Seattlite wrote:
The political misfortunes in other countries make me feel better about the political misfortunes in my own country. And let me tell you, it´s a nice feeling to not be so depressed about it all for a few moments. Ha.
2010-12-02 12:44 Ian wrote:
No warning. Nothing. Didn´t even ask us! Where is the democracy we cherish anyway?? No referendum either, it looks like. Sweden just passed its own slow death sentence. :(
2010-11-25 15:42 A sensible person wrote:
It is a sad thing that such injustice happens in a country long though to be democratic and sensible. Sweden has been going downhill for some time now and there´s yet to be any light seen at the end of the tunnel. It would be a shame to see an old nation such as Sweden crumble to a ruin under the fascism that is the European Union. Adding membership of the EU to a constitution means much more than the average person might think. Think for yourselves people. Don´t let others do that for you.
2010-11-21 03:35 Swedish National wrote:
This sick law must be stopped and overturned. You "forgot" to mention btw, that it also makes multiculturalism a constitutional policy. Thus effectively rendering us unable to get rid of the nightmare so many Europeans are turning against. This law can´t be called democratic and this law will not be respected.

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