Sweden stopped American prisoner transports

Sweden | 2010-12-05 | 15 comments
The wikileaks´ new release of documents has revealed that Sweden in most aspects is a loyal ally to the USA. But there are also aspects of the leaked documents which indicate that Sweden can stand up to the USA. An American embassy report reveals how Sweden has denied several American civilian planes to land while they were suspected to be used as illegal prisoner transports.

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In 2004, the Swedish channel TV4 revealed how two Egyptians had been deported from Sweden in 2001. They were brought to a CIA-plane in Stockholm under humiliating circumstances. They were later victims of torture in Egypt. The Swedish Chancellor of Justice decided in 2008 that the deportation was against the European Convention and decided that a damage of SEK 3 million was to be paid to one of the Egyptians from the Swedish authorities.

This was shortly after 9/11 and the Swedish goverment had shortly before officially aligned itself with the USA in the struggle against terrorism.

SÄPO spied on US planes

But in 2005-2006 the same Social Democratic government acted differently. This was after the invasion of Iraq and the exposure from TV4. Suddenly the government had reason to avoid more critique from the media. So the Swedish security police SÄPO sent out military intelligence in airport suits to overview an American plane which stopped in Stockholm to refuel.

They discovered an American prisoner transport and according to some information the passengers were strapped and had their heads covered with hoods. This and other planes transported prisoners to either Egypt or Jordan. Countries which are hardly known for respecting human rights.

Diplomatic crisis in 2006

The new discovery led to a diplomatic crisis between Sweden and the USA according to the report. In 30 March 2006, the highest civil servant at the US embassy in Stockholm was called to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to answer some questions.

At the meeting the Swedish side pressured the American civil servant about the plane. The Swedish side claimed that the plane was not private but state-owned and needed more information on the destination. The Swedish side also made it clear that it did not appreciate the fact that the prisoner transport plane which landed in February had been registered as private. After the meeting, the American embassy reported back to Washington that it seemed as the Swedish government was worried after earlier exposures of CIA-planes landing in several European airports.

The 4th April in 2006, the same day as the plane was about to land in Stockholm, the Americans were informed that it was now the Swedish Armed Forces that decided in the matter and that they had to apply for a special permit from them to land. The Defence Forces in turn had a number of questions about the CIA-plane. When the Americans had answered the questions, a battery of follow-up questions came up.

The Swedish side explained that these questions were put in order to find out if the USA still used prisoner transports. Sweden tightened the rules. In order to continue with the prisoner transports, the USA had to answer a number of questions 20 days in advance. After this, the transports ceased.

Readers' comments

2010-12-14 19:25 Stephanie Anderson wrote:
Well, now you see why these Islamic terrorists are treated like the danger they are.
2010-12-11 20:43 Lyn wrote:
The fema camps were designed for misplaced people from natural disasters..I am an american and have only seen small cropduster planes spraying for bugs in farm fields. there is healthcare and there are jobs esp if a person really wants a job, they will find one. There are community based free clinics all over the place, sometimes it seems to me that the poorer you are here in america the more you get for free.
2010-12-11 04:33 USACitizen wrote:
Marcelj, have you been taking your medications? You´re delusional, fortunately!
2010-12-09 11:32 Alphonso from Chile wrote:
America is now simple a piece of shit!!!!
2010-12-09 08:37 Denis wrote:
I lost all respect for sweden, 2009 as a EU citizen I got stranded In Vasteras ,as I waited for a money transfer I had to sleep in my car for and go hungry because the swedish. Social welfare. Did not help and told m I could die of hunger. And they didn,t care, - saw the true side of the swedish systenm DC
2010-12-08 19:45 American Woman wrote:
marcelj: Perhaps you should tell Obama that the middle class is gone. He is currently pushing for the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the middle class. His "Obamacare" was for the middle class -- and the middle class will pay dearly for it. He talks endlessly about the middle class. And if there is no middle class, who is going to buy the new Volt electric cars? The US is a great place to live. And so is Sweden, from what I can see.
2010-12-08 09:52 marcelj wrote:
I ask that the "american woman" to do her own investigation I have done mine. School kids are now being paid to inform on their own parents. The usa has reached an all time low. Orson wells would be shocked.
2010-12-08 09:38 marcelj wrote:
Everything I said is true. Fema concentration camps are empty and waiting. We are being sprayed from the air with toxins. The middle class is gone. About 2% own everything. Health care is only for the rich. Verify is all I can say. Go out and see the camps. Also see the new fema burial boxes, the government has produced millions of these and they have been distrubuted over the usa, I am calling for an outside investigation. The outside world needs to know what is going on here in the usa.
2010-12-08 08:38 Lard Greystoke wrote:
To marcelj: Since I live in the United States I can indeed "check out everything" you say. I´m afraid it´s nonsense. The exploits of Cheney/Rumsfeld et al are bad enough without resorting to science-fiction fantasy. But I wonder if it´s premature for Sweden to thump its chest. The U.S. administration has it in for Assange; is the warrant legitimate or just string-pulling?
2010-12-08 07:50 ezed wrote:
I never thought I´d see the day when Sweden would let itself be part of a shameful attempt to stifle free speech as in the Assange matter. I urge you not to go down the road of "political expediency" to please dubious requests from an ally-it´s usually a one way street.
2010-12-07 18:02 Jake wrote:
The extradition of Assange on trumped up rape charges tells the world just how little the Swedes have to be proud of.
2010-12-07 03:30 American Woman wrote:
marcelj: Nothing in your post is true.
2010-12-07 02:14 Bryon wrote:
Only goes to prove that the CIA hasn´t as yet managed to infiltrate every government institution in Sweden. Extraordinary rendition is quite illegal where ´torture by proxy´ is involved and is a violation of article 3 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture. And why has the US refused to compensate innocent people who ended up tortured after having been kidnapped and spirited out of various countries by CIA agents, they instead evoking national security concerns to stymie lawsuits?
2010-12-06 18:35 marcelj wrote:
The usa has suspended many of the peoples constitutional rights. They can arrest you without warrant and hold you forever without a charge. They have built concentration camps everywhere called fema camps. They spray poison from the air over american cities poisoning the american people causing cancers. Two percent own everything now the middle class has disappeard. There is no health care. There are no jobs. The usa has become one creepy place and cannot be trusted. Check out everything I say
2010-12-06 15:03 nat wrote:
finally something to be proud of. well done Sweden. greetings from London, UK

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