Libyan royal family seeking Swedish asylum

News in short | 2011-03-03 | 5 comments

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Descendants of the deposed royal family in Libya have ended up as asylum seekers in an apartment in the small village of Totebo, southern Sweden. Prince Al Senussi Zouber Al Senussi managed to flee with his family shortly before the revolt in February and came to Sweden via Turkey. "This is the place where we can feel safe," said his wife Sohere to the local newspaper Västervik-Tidningen. The royal family Senussi was overthrown by Gaddafi in 1969. (TT)

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2011-10-26 18:53 David doyle wrote:
what happened to Omar Senussi ,King Idris´s nephew,he lived in the palace ,at Tobruck in the late 1950´s.
2011-08-23 03:34 jason wrote:
in my opinion, the afganistan, egytian, libya, exhile royalty should wait their desire wish or not wish to re-install their own monarchy. cause not all monarcy or exhile royalty are needed by their people.
2011-05-27 16:51 rajendra kumar adhikari wrote:
i want to know my case
2011-03-22 21:44 Alex wrote:
Why would international law stipulate that the descendants of the Libyan royal family be sent to Turkey? I do not know of any such provisions that could with the application of this family be interpreted to give such an effect. Furthermore, these asylum seekers came from the jurisdiction of Libya and not Turkey meaning that Turkey can not in any case be part of the equation.
2011-03-03 20:19 John wrote:
International law says they should have stayed in Turkey. Sweden should send them back to turkey.

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