Success for authorities´ cooperation against criminals

Sweden | 2011-03-18
The cooperation between the Swedish police and several agencies in the fight against organized crime has become a success, according to a study presented by the government at a press conference on Friday. Last year the cooperation led to the imprisonment of 56 hardened criminals, for a total of almost 200 years.

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Cooperation between the Swedish Enforcement Authority and the police led the arrest and imprisonment of a dozen key people in organized crime, something that would not have been possible without this collaboration.

"Because we share intelligence in a structured manner, we get a good entry point to start police investigations. But the Tax Agency and the Enforcement Authority can also get support when they need to secure assets," said Klas Friberg, chief of the National Criminal Investigation Department, who leads cooperation.

Last year there was a total of 23 operations against organized crime. These efforts led to the imprisonment of 56 people, sentenced to a total of 191 years in prison.

One goal of this initiative has been to seize more of the capital that the criminals have built up through their criminal activities. But last year was only a total of SEK 3,7 million secured.

“Sometimes they are better at hiding the money than they are at covering up the crime itself, " Klas Friberg said.

The Swedish Social Insurance Administration was however able to stop the payment of a total of SEK 80 million to the criminals, for example sick allowance. The Tax agency also managed to secure between 50 and 100 million that otherwise would not come back, thanks to this initiative.

Privacy barriers still prevent some cooperation between the various authorities.

“But this will change, "said the Minister for Justice, Beatrice Ask.


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