IKEA-copy found in China

Economy | 2011-08-03 | 1 comment

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Recently a copy of an Apple-store was discovered in China and the incident soon became world news. But now another case of brand-plagiarism has been discovered, more extensive and more sophisticated. In the Yunnan province a full-scale chain store has been revealed copying IKEA's concept completely.

Almost similar name

Almost everything has been copied. The blue-yellow logotype is more or less the same and so is the whole setup of the store. Even the small pens that customers use to note down their products are identical. The only difference is that they don't serve meatballs in their restaurant. Instead they serve  Chinese food of minced pork.

The name of the chain store is 11 Furniture. In Chinese it is "Shi Yi Jia Ju" which is really close to the Cinese name for IKEA: "Yi Jia Jia Ju", according to E24.

IKEA is looking at the case

IKEA got the news on Monday and they are now looking at the case.

- The owners of the IKEA-concept are Inter IKEA Systems and they are looking at the case now together with their lawyers to investigate whether this is an intrusion or not, says Ylva Magnusson at IKEA to E24.

IKEA has nine stores in China.


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