Another murder in Malmö

Sweden | 2012-01-04

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Tags: Crime

A fifty year old man was shot to death around lunch-time yesterday in Malmö. The shooting took place at Kantatvägen in Lindängen, south-east Malmö (see map). The police was alarmed at noon and the man died shortly afterwards. According to witnesses the police performed CPR on the man once they arrived. The man is now identified by the police. He was earlier known to the police but not for heavy criminality. According to Skå several witnesses saw a person running from the place.

The murder at Kantatgatan was the third in only a week in Malmö and the fifth in the last month. The police force in Malmö will now be assisted by the national police. A special commission has been formed with the exclusive purpose to deal with the death shootings in Malmö.

The police in Malmö has demanded and received reinforcement from the national level.



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