Håkan Juholt resigns

Politics | 2012-01-21
The chairman of the Social democrats Håkan Juholt announced his resignation at a press conference in Oskarshamn today.

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The decision was expected. Håkan Juholt was elected only eight month ago but has seen the party fall in the opinion polls, according to most analysis due to poor leadership. He has on several occasions made statements which he had to take back. He has also been involved in a housing benefit scandal.

The party secretary and  former Minister for Development Cooperation Carin Jämtin will in practise function as temporary chairman until an ordinary chairman is elected even though she emphasised at a press conferance today that she is not a new chairman. In reality the Social Democrats stands without a party leader at the moment.

The process how they will elect a new chairman in this special situation is yet to be decided. In normal cases they elect a chairman on an ordinary party congress but the next such congress is in 2013 and the situation has to be, and will be, solved long before that.



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