Two women dominated the Swedish Grammy Award

Culture | 2012-02-15 | 1 comment

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The Swedish Grammy Award took place yesterday at the Royal Opera in Stockholm. When the nominated artists were presented, it was clear that the heaviest prizes would go to women.

The main question that many people asked was "Who would be the Queen of the gala? The favourite Veronica Maggio or the upcomer Lykke Li?" The answer was both!

Lykke Li, photo: Wikipedia

Lykke Li won the most prestigeful grammies 'The artist of the year' and 'the album of the year' for her album 'Wounded rhymes'. However she was not present to receive the award.

Lykke Li is perhaps more known for writing the song "Possibility" for the Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Veronica Maggio, who might be less known to a foreign audience since her songs are in Swedish, won three awards: 'The pop of the year'; 'the composer of the year' and 'the best lyrics of the year'.

Veronica Maggio, Photo: Wikipedia

"I was so depressed on last year's gala. I lost the whole time and sat and cried on the toilet. This feels much much more pleasant", Maggio says according to Svenska Dagbladet (SVD).

Maggio was especially happy for the prize 'best lyrics of the year' which she shared with her co-producer Christian Walz.

"I totally lost it when I got the lyrics prize. Then I almost started crying. If there is a prize that I really wanted it was this prize. It felt magic. I think so much about other people's lyrics and it seems like this is what touches people the most. This is something that I really put my soul into", Maggio says according to SVD.







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