Party secretary Carin Jämtin, party chairman Stefan Löfven, spoke person for economic politicies Magdalena Andersson and group leader in the Riksdag Mikael Damberg. Photo: Socialdemokraterna / Anders Löwdin

Löfven presented his shadow government

Politics | 2012-02-24
Yesterday, the new Social Democratic chairman Stefan Löfven presented the team that is supposed to help him win the 2014 election. It was some new and some old names and for the first time the Social Democrats appointed a woman as spokesperson for economic politics.

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The new names caused mostly positive reactions, but considering the birth of a Crown Princess, it was perhaps not the best day to present new names. At least not if they wanted to maximize the media attention.

Magdalena Andersson, born 1967, becomes new spokesperson for Economical policies. Andersson was until now Director General at the Swedish tax office. She does not hold a seat in the Riksdag which mean that she, exactly as Löfven, is prevented from participating in the parliamentarian debates. Fredrik Olofsson, new head for the Social democratic group in the Parliamentarian Committee on Finance, will take the debates in the Riksdag with for example Minister for Finance Anders Borg.

Mikael Damberg, born 1971, becomes new group leader for the Social Democrat’s parliamentarians. Damberg was leader for the Social Democrats’ youth league (SSU) between 1999 and 2003. He is normally perceived standing to the right within the party. This is probably the main reason why he could not become party leader last year. During his time as leader for SSU there were hard fights between the “left” and the “right” within the organization and Damberg made some enemies during these years. He will however now represent his party in the traditional party leader debates in the Riksdag, since Löfven does not have a seat there.

Emma Lennartsson, until now chief economist at the trade union Kommunal, becomes group secretary for the parliamentarian group.

Jennie Nilsson becomes new spokesperson for industrial- and commercial politics. Urban Ahlin stays as spokesperson for foreign politics while Ibrahim Baylan returns to top politics as new spokesperson for school issues.


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