King´s tomb to be opened again

Culture | 2012-02-27 | 1 comment

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When the tomb of King Magnus Ladulås (1240-1290 a.d.) was opened in last year the scientists made the surprising discovery that this could hardly be the remains of the 13th century Swedish King. The radiocarbon dating showed that the remains in the tomb had lived two hundred years after Magnus Ladulås.

Now the plan is to open a new tomb in the Riddarholm Church. It is the southern tomb in front of the choir-tombs that will be investigated. This is the grave where the King Karl Knutsson Bonde (1408-1470 a.d.) is buried. Seven persons lie in the grave and the researchers believe that one of them might be King Magnus Ladulås.

The remains of this grave will be examined with both DNA-analysis and radiocarbon dating.

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