Inside a Gripen fighter jet. Photo: Katsuhiko Tokunaga, Försvarsmakten

Armed Forces: 60-80 new fighter jets needed

Sweden | 2012-02-29
Sweden needs 60-80 new fighter jets of the Swedish-developed Gripen model for the period from 2020 to 2030. This is the opinion of Sverker Göranson, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, according to news agency TT.

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It is necessary in order to satisfy the operational requirements on the Armed Forces, according to the Supreme Commander, who submitted this proposal to the government today.

These new fighter jets should be of a rebuilt and modified Gripen model with a larger airframe, a more powerful engine, and a better warning and radar system. Göranson would not want to mention the cost of all of this, but an amount that has been mentioned earlier is about SEK 30 billion.

According to Göranson, it is a prerequisite for the funding that at least one "strategic partner country" is involved.

In plain language this means that Sweden must be able to export this new generation of fighter jets for it not to be too expensive.

Sten Tolgfors, Minister for Defence, told public broadcaster SVT that he shares the Supreme Commander’s views on the need for a new generation of Gripen fighter jets.

Today, the Supreme Commander also handed over the budget proposal for the Armed Forces to the government. According to Supreme Commander, the Armed Forces will reach a balanced budget until 2015, provided that appropriation and structural savings are realized.


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