Ice hockey stars in Swedish comeback

Sports | 2009-11-18 | 1 comment

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Peter Forsberg. Photo: Wikimedia

The Swedish ice hockey stars Peter Forsberg and Marcus Näslund are back in MODO, the club where their careers once took off. That means that an old dream may come true for the fans of the club and for the two players.

MODO comes from the small city of Örnsköldsvik on the east coast of Sweden. The city has around 30 000 inhabitants but has still produced some of the best ice hockey players in Swedish history. This is partially thanks to the Ice hockey Gymnasium that attracts talents from the whole country but most of the best players, like Forsberg and Näslund, are born in the region.

When Peter Forsberg, Marcus Näslund and Niklas Sundström, the magnificent trio in the 1993 world U20 championship, left MODO for NHL they said that they would like to come back one day to win the Swedish national trophy with MODO. It seemed like this would not happen. Näslund retired after last season and Forsberg had seemingly never ending injuries.

MODO has severe financial problems and is last in the table and face the risk to be relegated. However, those who claim that players today do not have feelings for their clubs and only plays for money should pay a visit to Örnsköldsvik.

Both Peter Forsberg and Marcus Näslund, who has decided to make a comeback, will play for free the whole season. Some other players have also helped the club with money so they can survive financially. They are still in a rather troublesome position, six points from play offs but in Forsberg’s comeback yesterday they beat Brynäs 5-1 away and perhaps the journey towards their desired gold medal can start after all. Two players do normally not make a team but when the players are Forsberg and Näslund, that might very well be the case.

Facts: The Swedish league consists of twelve teams. The eight first plays quarterfinals in best out of seven games. The last two teams play qualification games against teams from the second division in order to stay in the highest league next season. For the teams in spot 9-10, the season is over when the series is completed in March. The table can be found here.

Update: For those of you who are not very familliar with ice hockey, Peter Forsberg and Marcus Näslund are two of the best Swedish players in history. In Forsberg´s case probably one of the best in the world. They have played many years in NHL, the North American professional league, and in the Swedish national team.


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