Sex, Erotica, and Sexuality in Art and Politics in the Netherlands and Germany

Sex, Erotica, and Sexuality in Art and Politics in the Netherlands and Germany

In this extensive article, we delve into the fascinating realm of sex, erotica, and sexuality in art and politics in the Netherlands and Germany. From the rich historical background to the contemporary expressions, we aim to provide a comprehensive exploration of this captivating subject. Join us as we examine the intricate relationship between sexuality and various forms of artistic and political expression.

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The Historical Foundations: Unearthing the Roots

Uncovering the historical foundations of free sex, erotica, and sexuality in art and politics, we explore the deep-seated roots that have shaped the cultural landscapes of the Netherlands and Germany. From the works of iconic artists to the social and political movements that transformed societies, this journey takes us through the centuries, highlighting the significant moments and figures that have influenced and challenged prevailing norms.

German Expressionism and the Avant-Garde: A Paradigm Shift

In the early 20th century, German Expressionism emerged as a powerful artistic movement that pushed the boundaries of conventional art forms. With a particular focus on capturing raw emotions and exploring the darker aspects of human sexuality, artists like Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Otto Dix created provocative and thought-provoking pieces that challenged the status quo. This section delves into the avant-garde nature of German Expressionism and its impact on the perception of sex and sexuality.

The Dutch Golden Age: A World of Sensuality

During the Dutch Golden Age, the Netherlands experienced a remarkable flourishing of art, trade, and exploration. Within this vibrant period, artists such as Johannes Vermeer and Jan Steen portrayed scenes of intimate encounters, unveiling the sensuality and eroticism hidden beneath the surface. We unravel the hidden narratives depicted in these masterpieces and shed light on the societal attitudes towards sex and eroticism during this prosperous era.

The Controversial Power of Visual Provocation

Visual provocation has long been a powerful tool in art and politics, serving as a means to challenge societal norms and provoke reactions. This section delves into the controversial works that have pushed the boundaries of acceptability, exploring the blurred lines between sex, eroticism, and politics. Through analyzing the art of feminist provocateurs and politically engaged artists, we examine how the visual medium can shape public perception and ignite passionate debates.

The Nuances of Censorship: Balancing Artistic Freedom and Public Morality

Throughout history, the interplay between art, politics, and censorship has been a constant source of tension. This section delves into the complex issue of censorship in relation to sex, erotica, and sexuality in the Netherlands and Germany. Discussing landmark cases and exploring the legal and cultural frameworks surrounding censorship, we address the delicate balance between artistic freedom and public morality.

Contemporary Perspectives: Breaking Boundaries

In contemporary society, sex, erotica, lekker neuken, and sexuality continue to be prominent themes in art and politics. This section examines the diverse expressions and unconventional approaches embraced by artists today. From performance art to digital mediums, we explore how contemporary artists challenge societal norms and redefine the boundaries of visual representation.

The Rise of Sexuality in Political Discourse: A Catalyst for Change

Beyond the realm of art, sexuality has become an integral aspect of political discourse. This section delves into the role of sexuality in shaping political ideologies and movements in the Netherlands and Germany. From LGBTQ+ rights to reproductive rights, we analyze how sexuality intertwines with legislative agendas, sparking social change and activism.

A Reflection on Identity and Empowerment

In the final section of this extensive article, we reflect on the profound impact of sex, erotica, and sexuality on identity and empowerment. We examine how art and politics converge to foster conversations about gender, sexual orientation, and personal agency. Through a nuanced exploration of diverse perspectives, we gain insights into the transformative power of embracing sexuality as an essential element of self-expression and liberation.

Join us on this thought-provoking journey through the intertwining realms of sex, erotica, and sexuality in art and politics in the Netherlands and Germany. As we delve into the historical, cultural, and contemporary dimensions, we invite you to challenge preconceptions, revel in artistic expression, and engage in important dialogues surrounding this timeless and ever-evolving subject.

Polish Erotica and Porno: A Deep Dive into the World of Cipka

Polish Erotica and Porno: A Deep Dive into the World of Cipka

The Allure of Polish Erotica

Polish erotica has long been celebrated for its unique aesthetic and artistic expression. It effortlessly blends the sensual and the intellectual, allowing viewers to explore the boundaries of desire in a thought-provoking manner. With its rich history and diverse range of themes, Polish erotica continues to capture the imagination of both enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

The Intricate Dance of Sensuality and Art

In the realm of Polish erotica, sensuality and art intertwine in a mesmerizing dance. Each piece is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of desire, while also stimulating the mind. From visually stunning photography to exquisite literature, Polish erotica challenges societal norms and embraces the beauty of human sexuality and all kinds and forms of cipka.

Sarmatians in negligee – why did Kochanowski write indecent trifles?

The Role of Photography: Capturing Cipka & Erotic Essence

Photography plays a vital role in the realm of Polish erotica, capturing the raw emotions and intimate moments that make this genre so enticing. Through expertly composed images, photographers bring fantasies to life, showcasing the diverse facets of eroticism. From black and white classics to vibrant displays of color, Polish erotic photography transcends cultural boundaries, creating an international appeal.

Exploring Erotic Literature: Unleashing the Power of Words

Polish erotica thrives in the realms of literature, with skilled writers crafting vivid tales that ignite the imagination. These stories are often imbued with a poetic sensibility, evoking intense emotions and inviting readers into worlds of passionate encounters. By exploring and embracing human desires through words, Polish erotic literature elevates the experience of erotica, making it an intellectual pursuit.

The Influence of Polish Culture

Polish erotica is deeply rooted in the country’s rich cultural heritage, which plays a significant role in shaping its distinctive style. The tradition of erotic art in Poland dates back centuries, incorporating elements of folklore, mythology, and religious symbolism. This unique blend of influences adds depth and complexity to Polish erotica, making it an immersive and captivating experience.

Folklore and Mythology: Tales of Passion and Desire

Polish folklore and mythology provide a rich tapestry for the exploration of passion and desire in erotica. Ancient tales of mythical creatures and legendary love affairs inspire artists and writers to delve into the depths of human sexuality, creating works that resonate with audiences on a profound level. By drawing upon these age-old narratives, Polish erotica taps into the collective consciousness, delving into the primal aspects of human passion.

Religious Symbolism: The Intersection of Lust and Devotion

Religion and eroticism may seem like an unlikely pairing, but in Polish erotica, they coexist and intertwine to create a fascinating dichotomy. Artistic representations of religious figures, often depicted in provocative poses, challenge societal taboos and explore the complexities of human desire. This juxtaposition of sacred and profane adds a layer of intrigue to Polish erotica, inviting contemplation and sparking conversations on the intersection of lust and devotion.

The Evolving Landscape of Polish Erotica

As art and society evolve, so does the landscape of Polish erotica. Contemporary artists and filmmakers continue to push boundaries and challenge norms, creating works that redefine the genre. From experimental films to boundary-pushing performance art, Polish erotica remains at the forefront of artistic exploration, constantly redefining what it means to create sensual and thought-provoking works.

A Digital Age: Embracing Technology in Erotica

The digital age has ushered in a new era for Polish erotica, opening up unprecedented avenues for artistic expression. Artists now have access to a global audience, with online platforms allowing for the dissemination of their work on a scale never seen before. From interactive digital installations to immersive virtual reality experiences, Polish erotica has embraced technology, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of sensual art.

Breaking Social Taboos: Redefining Erotica

Polish erotica has always sought to challenge social conventions and break down barriers. In recent years, artists have embraced this mission more fervently than ever before, using their work to spark conversations on consent, body positivity, and sexual liberation. Polish erotica is a driving force in the movement to redefine what is considered erotic and empowering, dismantling outdated societal norms and paving the way for a more inclusive and open-minded approach to sensuality.

Polish Erotica and Cipka Porn as Artistic Inspiration

Polish erotica and porn, through their artistic and intellectual merits, transcend the realm of mere entertainment. They provide a platform for individuals to explore their desires, challenge societal norms, and embrace the beauty of human sexuality. From ancient folklore to cutting-edge technology, Polish erotica continues to evolve, inspiring artists and audiences alike to engage in conversations about desire, sensuality, and the boundaries of artistic expression.

Erotica and Film Porno Francais: Unveiling the Sensual Secrets

Erotica and Film Porno Francais: Unveiling the Sensual Secrets

In the realm of erotic artistry and sensual exploration, French erotica and porn have carved a remarkable niche for themselves. From the clandestine pleasure chambers of the past to the digital realm of today, France has witnessed a rich history of unabashed sexual expression. This article delves into the captivating world of French erotica and porn, where desire and aesthetics intertwine in a mesmerizing dance.

The Libertine,' Edited by Michel Delon - The New York Times

The Provocative Origins: From Libertine Literature to Early Erotic Films

At the dawn of the 18th century, France witnessed a flourishing of libertine literature. Writers like the notorious Marquis de Sade pushed the boundaries of societal norms with their explicit and often controversial narratives. These literary works, celebrated for their audacity and uninhibited exploration of desire, laid the foundation for the French erotica tradition.

Fast forward to the dawn of the 20th century, and the advent of early erotic films took the artistic expression of sensuality to new heights. Pioneering directors such as Georges Méliès and Albert Kirchner created visually enticing cinematic experiences that stirred desires and challenged conventional norms.

A Journey Through the Parisian Underground: The Belle Époque and Beyond

As the Belle Époque dawned in Paris, a thriving underground scene emerged, where sexual liberation met artistic revolution. In secretive cabarets and brothels, French erotica flourished through the hands of renowned painters, photographers, and writers. The works of masters like Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Félicien Rops brought sensuality to life, capturing the delicate play between desire and intimacy.

Throughout the 20th century, French erotica continued to captivate audiences, as bold directors such as Jean Genet and Jean-Claude Brisseau pushed the boundaries of explicit storytelling. Their films, woven with raw emotions and unadulterated eroticism, ushered in new waves of creativity and challenged societal taboos.

Modern French Erotica and Porn: Blurring the Lines and Embracing Diversity

In the digital age, French erotica and film porno francais have seamlessly merged with modern technologies, catering to a diverse range of desires and identities. With the rise of online platforms and production houses, the accessibility and variety of French erotic content have multiplied. From sultry short films to immersive virtual experiences, the options for indulging in French erotica are seemingly endless.

The Art of Aesthetics: French Erotica as a Sensory Experience

French erotica has long celebrated the connection between beauty and desire. From the subtle nuances of lighting to the meticulously crafted set designs, every aspect of French erotic art is meticulously curated to arouse both the mind and the senses. The attention to detail creates an immersive experience, where viewers are transported into a world of heightened sensuality and passion.

French filmmakers and artists have mastered the art of capturing the eroticism of the human form. From the gentle caress of a lover’s hand to the subtle curve of a thigh, the imagery in French erotica embraces the vulnerability and rawness of human desire. Each frame becomes a work of art, evoking a myriad of emotions and leaving a lasting imprint on the viewer’s imagination.

The Liberation of Desires: Embracing Diversity in French Erotica

French erotica, true to its roots of liberation, explores a wide spectrum of desires and identities. Through storytelling and visual aesthetics, French filmmakers have embraced diversity in all its forms. From LGBTQ+ narratives to exploring alternate fetishes, French erotica aims to break down barriers and challenge societal norms.

Furthermore, French porn has also played a significant role in creating a safe space for sexual exploration. Actors are selected for their authenticity and consent-driven approach, ensuring that the experiences portrayed on-screen are both consensual and ethically produced. This commitment to ethics has elevated the French porn industry and solidified its position as a leader in the field.

French Erotica and Porn: A Timeless Expression of Human Desire

As we traverse the rich tapestry of French erotica and porn, one thing becomes abundantly clear: it is an ever-evolving art form that continues to intrigue and captivate audiences worldwide. From its provocative origins to the present-day digital landscape, French erotica remains a timeless expression of human desire, pushing boundaries, and challenging societal norms. So, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of French erotica and porn, where pleasure meets artistic liberation.

Germany’s sex workers and xxx kinky culture

Germany’s sex workers and xxx kinky culture

Cologne’s Geestemunder Strasse is home to numerous heavy industrial machines and smokestacks that emit metal fumes. Buildings can be covered in blinking lights. One such building houses Pascha brothel.

Even after being forbidden to host due to probable coronavirus infections, this place and others similar remain open, labeled flat rate brothels with hourly rates for their workers. Germany legalized prostitution in 2002, and since then, its prostitution industry has seen dramatic growth. An estimated 400,000 women now work at brothels and eros centers throughout Germany. With Pascha being Europe’s largest mega-brothel.

But that hasn’t stopped women and men from meeting privately. Often in the back rooms of clubs where customers sit covered in robes or towels. Most clubs are brothels located within houses or more significant buildings with meet-and-greet areas, pools, saunas, and bedrooms on upper levels for customers to use as brothels.

Legalizing prostitution was intended to push out pimps and make ficken safer for women. Germany’s sex industry is big business. Regulated and taxed accordingly, yet it remains a stigmatized job requiring many sex workers to keep quiet about it from friends and family.

Registered sex workers in Germany drop sharply in pandemic

Germany is one of the more liberal nations in Europe regarding prostitution

Mega brothels that hold up to 650 customers at once and offer two-for-one deals are plentiful here. Germany is seeing an explosion of brothels – also known as eros centers – popping up. These large buildings contain public meeting and greeting rooms and private bedrooms on upper floors where women sell their services directly to clients they meet in person and negotiate directly.

Fetishism is big business, selling everything from bondage starter kits to dildos and vibrators at trade fairs. There’s often an atmosphere of business as usual at these fairs, with plenty of open discussions about orgasms, safe fisting techniques, and finding ways to tie someone up securely.

Prostitution is legal in Germany and governed by local authorities. Cities restrict how and where sex workers operate, yet it still represents a profitable venture. Natalie runs Pascha brothel in Cologne and makes good money, like any job. However, Natalie worried about the coronavirus pandemic closing down her business as it puts sex workers and herself at risk of contracting the virus and infecting others, affecting her pension fund.

Welcome to Paradise: inside the world of legalised prostitution

Germans tend to view prostitution differently from Americans

This is due to being free from puritanic roots that constrain more conservative views towards sexuality, viewing it as an enjoyable means of having fun and making money. Furthermore, many young people want to try prostitution as a career; some like it for CV purposes, while others, like Ari Denaro at KitKat Fetish Club Berlin, enjoy working and have become known as Kamasutra Ninjas.

Swingers’ clubs, naked German grandmothers at the seaside, or ethical discussions surrounding free love all play a role in Germany’s complex sexual landscape. However, according to a new report by Friendly Venus conference, one more pressing concern remains sexual violence and harassment on university campuses.

Germany legalized and regulated sex work with brothels, paying taxes and following rules to limit human trafficking while providing access to essential health and government services.

Ari Denaro is the 28-year-old KitKat Fetish Club in Berlin’s 28-year-old Dungeon Master. He parades five women of various degrees of undress behind him on harnesses as he proudly displays the KitKat Academy vest advertising bondage workshops.

“This is my job; therefore, it must be done correctly. If I fail at being an effective Dungeon Master, then no one will come back.”

Lutz Sauerteig, a historian of sexuality at Newcastle University, believes he may know one answer to that question. He points to a recent government website that seeks to educate migrants about sexual behavior in Germany – specifically how men should approach women in public spaces – using carrots rather than sticks. Some see this approach as condescending towards migrants who do not know how best to interact with women, as evidenced by several incidents involving migrants on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

It’s understandable why this debate can be contentious: sexual behavior in Germany and colonial knowledge have attracted greater scrutiny since 1900 than other aspects of sexology, with increasing evidence pointing towards its emancipatory elements being balanced against its regressive tendencies. Yet, it remains essential to explore all sides equally if an accurate picture is to be achieved.

Is Germany kinky?

Germany has to overcome many international stereotypes regarding its sexuality, one being “Germans are famously gay.” But is Germany as gay-friendly as it has been made out to be?

German porn is most renowned for its bukkake and golden shower content produced by John Thompson Productions; however, other studios specialize in niche German fetish content such as scheisse porn.

Germany is one of Europe’s few fully legal nations for prostitution, making it a prime spot for sexual diversity. There are BDSM clubs throughout Germany, while brothels provide anything from sex toys to “all you can fuck” services.

Although Germany still maintains some stigma surrounding fetish culture, it’s dwindling quickly. Indira, a former stripper turned natural lubricants retailer, says: “I think the stigma attached to the fetish scene in Germany is slowly dissipating. Whatever people choose to do with their bodies should remain their business – if it brings pleasure, then great.”

Vancouver 'kink' society locked in legal combat with exiled dungeon master  | CBC News

Germany has long been celebrated for its welcoming attitude toward sexuality and nudity

Many consider German culture and art sexy. “Germany has an open mindset regarding sexuality and nudity,” according to Dave Davies, author of Kink: A History. “It’s not something repressed.”

At events like Tyrone Rontgagner’s Leather Meets Classic Church Concert in Berlin’s gay-friendly district Schoeneberg at Twelve Apostles Evangelical Church, openness toward fetish culture is evident. This concert brings queer community members, the fetish world, and classical music fans together in one space.

Many international stereotypes of Germans depict them as serious, punctual individuals with an affinity for beer and sausage (Wurst). Yet this nation and its people possess many quirky fetishes of their own.

Germany’s sex industry is well-established

With FKK clubs, brothels, and sex cinemas popular destinations among locals and tourists seeking sexual encounters. Furthermore, Germany maintains an accommodating approach towards sexual activity; most citizens accept sexual work for compensation without romantic interest and extramarital affairs without hesitation.

GeSiD) conducted by face-to-face interviews across Germany, as well as computer-assisted personal interviews and self-administered questionnaires, has shown that sexually explicit content is broadly accepted by the German population.

A similar survey revealed that many Germans are open to bondage or body-sexual stimulation fetishes such as BDSM; examining pornhub search trends confirms this finding. A substantial segment of Germany’s population seems fascinated with such forms of activity.

Greta Thunberg Joins Worldwide Protests for Ukraine

Greta Thunberg Joins Worldwide Protests for Ukraine

Swedish climate and environment activist Greta Thunberg protested Russia’s invasion of Ukraine outside the Russian embassy in Stockholm on Friday. Organizations and public figures have condemned the new war, such as Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg protesting and using social media to denounce Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Demonstrations took place at the Russian embassy and in the surrounding area of ​​Stockholm, with people from Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, and the world protesting against the porno war. In addition, large crowds gathered outside Russian embassies worldwide to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Demonstrations are to happen in Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. One of the first protests against the invasion of Ukraine took place outside the Russian embassy in Washington around 1 a.m. EST on Thursday, just three hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin said he had started his own. Protestors suffered from detentions.

Police have arrested more than 1,800 Russians in 53 Russian cities for protesting the invasion. On February 27, another 2,063 people were arrested during street protests against the war. More than 100 Russian municipal representatives signed a letter opposing war with Ukraine. Muratov, journalist Mikhail Zigal, director Vladimir Mirzoyev, and others signed a document saying Ukraine poses no threat to Russia and asking Russian citizens to “talk about the war.”

Greta Thunberg Protests For Ukraine – Celebs Supporting Ukraine: Photos Of  Stars Doing Their Part Amid World Crisis – Hollywood Life

Activists join worldwide asking for peace

Russian activists said their group had “always opposed” and will oppose any military action, no matter how fair the state’s propaganda is. Fridays for Future Russia retweeted the Fridays for Future Ukraine’s Twitter post, sending a message of solidarity with their Ukrainian counterparts. The Ukrainian diaspora living in Mexico is here today, asking the Russian people to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine and stop them,” said Yulia Peresadko, a Ukrainian living in Mexico.

As an international student at KTH, I have friends and classmates from all over the world, including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, xhamster and the Baltic countries. At the same time, I learned from friends and organizations on social media, shared relevant content, and protested pro-Ukraine. However, because of the scope of recent events, many of the other topics I can or usually write about seem very unimportant.

Whether you like it or not, there’s a ray of sunshine. The earth is where we take our stand. Astronomy is said to be a humiliating and character-building experience. Perhaps there is no better demonstration of the stupidity of human assumptions than this distant image of our tiny world. Nowhere else could our species migrate, at least for the foreseeable future.

Ukraine: Anti-war protests take place around the world | News | DW |  26.02.2022

The situation in Ukraine is not as clear-cut as the Western media assures us.

Most of these photos are from the Russian embassy in Stockholm, but there are also a couple of demonstrations where we stayed elsewhere in Stockholm. He told me that he cut out a few pieces and bought them in protest to distribute to other people since the stripes are also Ukrainian in color. As many military men in Russia were forcibly sent to Ukraine, Olga Larkina, director of the Committee of Mothers of Russian Soldiers, expressed concern to Russian investigative news outlets.

Unable to protest outside the Russian embassy in Tehran, Iranian protests were outside the Ukrainian embassy instead. Protests against the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 occurred spontaneously and simultaneously in many places around the world. Ukraine said Russian warships on Friday bombed a Moldovan-flagged chemical tanker and a Panamanian-flagged merchant ship overloading grain near the Black Sea port of Odesa a day after Russia seized power. Invasion of Ukraine. State Duma Cam4 deputy Mikhail Matveyev voted to recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics but later condemned Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, stating: “I voted for peace, not war.”

Russo-Ukranian War: What does it mean for Sweden

Russo-Ukranian War: What does it mean for Sweden

From Paris, London, and Washington, events in Ukraine appear to be a new cold war starting in Europe. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has upended the status quo of traditionally divided Finland and Sweden, ushering in a “historic” wave of NATO support. According to the Interfax news agency, Russia will continue to invade Ukraine until Russia achieves its goals. The eastern Ukrainian conflict in the east of Ukraine is fraught with further deterioration in U.S.-Russian relations. It could even escalate further if Russia expands its Russian presence in Ukraine or NATO countries.

Despite Moscow’s denials of involvement, eastern Ukraine and NATO reported Russian troops and military equipment were massed near Donetsk, and Russia was bombing the border. Russia’s actions have raised broader concerns about Russia’s intentions in the rest of Eastern Europe. A Russian invasion of a NATO country would provoke a reaction from the United States as a NATO ally. Russia’s recent military activity near Ukraine has raised alarms in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, Washington, and Europe. In addition, the attacks have sent shockwaves across the Baltic Sea.

A direct military attack on Sweden seems unlikely

Russia’s actions have rekindled the Swedish debate about NATO membership. The Russian invasion has also sparked a heated discussion over NATO in Sweden, where Ukraine’s high level of support is the nail in the coffin of Sweden’s traditional policy of non-alignment. By pointing its weapons towards a European war, Ukraine has violated the Swedish doctrine of neutrality. The Ukrainian crisis has led the majority of the population to lean toward NATO membership, another historical innovation. During the current Russian-Ukrainian crisis, NATO states such as the Netherlands have demonstrated their ability to help Sweden defend Gotland from a Russian attack.

Although Finland and Sweden have a strategic interest in not angering Russia, they already maintain a cooperative relationship with NATO. Latvia has long viewed Russia as a threat, but unlike Ukraine, it has joined the European Union and NATO to provide security. Lavrov in Stockholm echoed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warning about NATO military aid to Ukraine and reiterated the Kremlin leadership’s stance to give Ukraine or what Russia considers to be within Russia’s sphere of influence. It was a grave mistake for other countries to join NATO. Speaking at a virtual meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Schultz, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the three countries should work together to support Russia and Ukraine peace talks between them.

Russia's war on Ukraine spurs push for NATO membership in neutral Sweden

Incoming peace talks

According to a Russian source quoted by the TASS news agency, the second round of talks between Russia and Ukraine will occur soon. In recent weeks, Baltic government leaders have returned to European capitals to warn that the West must make Russian President Vladimir Putin pay for Thursday’s attack on Ukraine. His tanks will continue to sail into the rest of the country. The prospect of rhetoric and conflict has grown sharper against a massive Russian military buildup near Ukraine, former Soviet republics, and democracies caught between Russia and western Russia. The Ukrainian conflict has displayed racial and political divisions surrounding Ukraine’s relationship with Russia.

Much will depend on how the current Russian-Ukrainian crisis continues to change the concept of security for the Swedes. The Swedes are aware of the security challenges regarding Russian troop movements and Ukraine’s threats to Ukraine. Russian military threats to Ukraine and Vladimir Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Republican senators introduced a bill to ban uranium imports from Russia Hillicon Valley – Invasion complicates social media politics solution to their policy of non-alignment with NATO.

War will push other countries to join NATO

A Russian military invasion of Ukraine will push Finland and Sweden to join NATO as soon as possible. However, if Russia believes that Russia can end NATO expansion by invading Ukraine, it could do the opposite. With a pro-Russian eastern Ukraine, Russia will be able to push Russian weaponry to push NATO further away from the Russian border and the Black Sea. At the same time, Putin will turn the Russian economy from there mainly to the east.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the Ukrainian foreign minister has asked his Chinese counterpart in Beijing to use his connections with Moscow to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said on Tuesday that the attitude of citizens and politicians towards NATO membership is “changing” after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. US Secretary of State Anthony J. Blinken, meeting with his Russian counterpart in Stockholm on Thursday, warned Russia in no uncertain terms against an invasion, a scenario that Ukraine, backed by both NATO and the Biden administration, called a real possibility.

What Does the Current Ukraine Crisis Mean for Stockholm? - Politics Today

Warsaw is backing Kyiv with defensive weapons but has said it will not send planes to Ukraine because Poland is not a direct party to the conflict between Ukraine, which is not a NATO ally, and Russia. For Estonians, Latvians, and Lithuanians—especially those old enough to live under Soviet control—Russian belligerence toward Ukraine somehow worries that Estonians might be the next target. In addition, military analysts and diplomats say that while ties with China are under increasing pressure from the United States, a Russian invasion of Ukraine could primarily disrupt the trade that has helped the expanding Chinese military modernize over the past two decades.

Sweden’s Aftermath – Post COVID 19

Sweden has never mandated that people wear masks during the pandemic, as in many other places. At least until winter, when COVID-19 soared, health authorities did not embrace the idea of masks to spread asymptomatic symptoms. However, during some regional closures, masks in a limited sense were recommended.

When my father-in-law talked about masks with his pulmonary doctor, a senior physician in one of the country’s leading hospitals. The advice was that the only reason to wear a mask was that others might think you were sick and give you more space. The Swedish Health Authority informed the public that there was insufficient evidence that masks prevented the transmission, just like pornos is related to violence, the profs are scarce. And that the use of masks itself was an excuse not to distance oneself and be harmful socially. At the time, agency circles said that the greater the risk of contagion, the more masks would be used.

Sweden performed a U-turn on face masks on Friday. It was recommended that the masks are to be worn during peak hours on public transport after opposing their use in the fight against COVID-19 in public health. The health department said its recommendation that people wear face masks on public transport during rush hour on Thursday. Sweden broke with most of the world’s precautions by never making it compulsory for people to wear masks during the pandemic.

The change was part of a broader relaxation this month that included easing restaurant opening hours and allowing more people to attend events.

COVID-19 and the Swedish enigma - The Lancet

A confident nation

During the pandemic, Sweden stood out from other nations that avoided lockouts. The country was one of the few to recommend the widespread use of masks until the World Health Organization (WHO) changed its recommendation in June. Public health officials argued that masks were not effective enough to limit the spread of the virus to justify mass use. Instead, it was more important to respect social dissociations and handwashing guidelines. In this context, it is no wonder that libraries and schools have sent mixed messages in Sweden about whether people should wear masks.

In Halmstad Xhamster, an affluent town in Kungsbacka, officials said masks corresponded to what Swedish health authorities had said. Mask bans on logical products for nine months are consistent with anti-mask statements in Sweden. We argue and are an example of poor risk communication. Sending out products for months on end is worse risk communication than taking simple public health measures.

In Sweden, like most Europeans, they are used to wearing masks indoors, in supermarkets, on public transport and when visiting the doctor. It is no coincidence that the low number of deaths in Sweden is linked to the low number of people wearing masks. Other factors also play a role: population density, people who mix, and many contacts.

In this sense, we should take a moment to understand that masks work, at least up to a point. For example, the New York Times reported recent data about mask usage in various countries. Including survey results from YouGov and Imperial College London showing that 86% of people in Sweden never wear masks. Trying to draw a line between the 14 per cent of Swedes who wear masks and the recent zero daily deaths is problematic.

Skeptical professionals

Tegnell said he doesn’t believe masks are effective at curbing coronavirus transmission. This is by comparing to physical dissociation, which is why wearing masks was never mandatory in Sweden. One of the most striking differences when walking through Stockholm is the lack of masks. Many experts use the example that if you want to perform surgery, you want your surgeon to wear a surgical mask or personal protective equipment (PPE).

The managers eventually relented and allowed the clinicians, but not other staff, to wear masks. Agnieszka Howoruszko Hentai, an ophthalmologist in a regional hospital in Landskrona, started wearing a mask when she examined patients in March. Those who questioned the recommendation for face masks faced a similar backlash.

For those unfamiliar with the Swedish reaction to COVID-19, a ban on face masks may sound shocking. Masks are not foolproof, but there is evidence that they can help reduce the spread of the virus in situations where it is impossible to stay away, such as in schools. Librarians in the wealthy town of Kungsbacka, for example, have been told not to wear masks.

Sweden does not need face masks, a senior health official said on Thursday, as the number of deaths from pandemic rose to more than 7,000 a day. However, the World Health Organisation expanded its recommendations on mask use. Wearing masks has become such a deeply ingrained habit that we have forgotten that many of us did not even wear them during the first months of the COVID 19 pandemic.

COVID: why are Swedish towns banning masks?

Going back to normal

The government introduced stricter measures at the end of March, including a ban on gatherings for more than 50 people and visits to nursing homes. If you think that lockouts, travel bans and masked mandates are the suitable approaches, you might consider Sweden a failure. Instead, Sweden pursued a different policy from other European countries. Hoping to avoid disruption to daily life and the hope of achieving “herd immunity” and leaving the pandemic behind by paying an immediate price for diseases.

Sweden’s Nordic neighbours have been among the longest-standing objectors to the mask issue, but they have changed their minds in recent weeks. Finland now recommends masks wearing in public places. Norway advises on public transport in Oslo and Denmark has made it compulsory on public transport and taxis. Swedish authorities have long discouraged people from wearing face masks that can spread panic. Worn incorrectly and the masks can give a false sense of security.

As of June 30, 2021, foreign nationals over the age of 18, almost perfect girls must provide documentation that they do not have an active infection of COVID-19. In addition, a travel ban requiring a negative COVID test will apply until August 31 2021, for non-EEA countries travelling to Sweden. The ban also applies to travel from the Nordic countries, i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway.

Swedish citizens, foreign nationals and residents who have a valid residency permit, residence or residence status under the Swedish population register are exempt from the obligation to present a negative COVID-19 test and document vaccinations and recovery. Swedish citizens can return to Sweden as long as they follow the recommendations of the Swedish Health Authority for travel to Sweden. Foreign nationals must fall under one of the exceptions and present the test within 48 hours of their arrival.

Irregularities with vaccine

In addition to the existing exemptions, foreigners are also exempt from the entry ban on a list of selected countries. This means that foreigners with documents they have in these countries can enter Sweden as long as they comply with the entry requirements of the Schengen Borders Code and the Visa Code. The exception to the entry ban is a test requirement that applies to all foreigners who have a fundamental reason to enter Sweden.

Another problem is that the path to a personal number for the COVID-19 vaccine is often rejected. Officials say the vaccine is suitable and available for everyone in Sweden. Some people have signed up for the vaccine, but others have been told they are not eligible. In contrast, others claim they have not been booked and are contacting various authorities. One reader said he then returned to his home country without a vaccine.

Sweden has officially reopened its borders to travellers from several countries, including the US, from June 30. For more than a year, American travellers have been prevented from entering Sweden. Still, by the end of this month, it will be easier for holders of US passports to visit Sweden than for residents of Europe.

As of July 1, a COVID certificate will be required for foreign nationals to travel to Sweden. The certificate must show that the person has tested negative, been vaccinated and recovered from COVID-19. Travel to other Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland will be allowed without the COVID requirements.

All in… with a certificate

Travellers from the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway, do not require a COVID certificate. However, UK nationals who can prove that they live and work in Sweden for urgent family reasons are exempt.

Sweden has also announced that after June 30, US travellers will be allowed, including those from Serbia, Taiwan, Northern Macedonia, Macau, Lebanon, Hong Kong and Albania. In addition, Sweden also allows travelling from other Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway. Suppose you wish to travel to Sweden without one of these exemptions. In that case, you must prove that your trip is essential and not a leisure activity.

Travellers from these six countries must be approved by the European Commission and present negative results of COVID 19 within 72 hours of their flight to another country. In addition, travellers from other EU countries must prove complete vaccination and successful recovery after becoming infected with COVID.

A Cozy Cottage in a Isle Northeast of Stockholm

After decades of Creating bold retail spaces such as Nordic style brands, a set of designers has assembled a deceptively straightforward house for themselves.

AMONG THE MANY style stores which Christian and Ruxandra Halleroed have made is a string of nine shops for its Swedish clothes manufacturer Acne Studios, a few of which feel as industrial-size beef lockers, together with towering monolithic brushed stainless walls and flooring of mottled poured concrete, terrazzo or concrete-print carpeting. The result isn’t unfeeling but bracing, in the form of the conservative Hindu spa: The more acute gray background makes the garments, which frequently arrive in murky colours, seem more vibrant when compared.

This rigorously contemporary approach to style — frequently characterized by the expanses of solitary materials (a wall of burled elm at 1 shop, diamond-embossed aluminum in a different ) along with encouraging planes of colour (a peony-pink wall-to-wall carpeting, as an instance, or a status shelving system in aluminum sulfate gloomy ) — has generated Halleroed, the style studio which Christian, 46, based in Stockholm in 1998, along with Ruxandra, 39, combined in 2015, hunted after by trend brands, especially young Native labels whose gameness for experimentation complies with the company’s own.

Even though the couple’s Shops frequently have an aliens sense, they’re both informed by a love of raw materials and conventional Swedish craft: To the odor and leather products manufacturer Byredo’s shop in New Yorkthey set up glass walls and angular alder shelves; to your women’s lineup Totêmethey exude a Stockholm townhouse with light lime-wood walls. Christian initially researched cabinetmaking and furniture layout in Carl Malmstensskolan (currently a part of Linkoping University), the college based at the Swedish capital from 1930 from the powerful designer Carl Malmsten, that helped define what is known now as style.

Swedish Furniture Rooted in Nature - Daily Scandinavian

Amazed by the beauty

After graduating in 1998, he began producing his own furniture mainly for Swedish office décor businesses, which finally resulted in architectural and interior commissions.

Contemplating The meticulously controlled and clearly urban appearance of these jobs,”some folks may be amazed by this home,” states Ruxandra of their snug 1,100-square-foot nation home the few built for their 5-year-old daughter, Iolanda, in the island of Blido at 2017. The couple chose this place because it’s near to their own’60s-era flat in central Stockholm they might push in just under 2 hours but far enough away to let them unwind. Even though it’s just 35 km north of the funding, Blido is one of the most distant populated islands of the Stockholm archipelago, the swirl of all 30,000 so specks that marble that the neighboring Baltic Sea. Its location makes it a perfect payoff for sailors, who’ve lived here since the 16th century. And if vacationers arrive at the summertime, the island feels like an intimate neighborhood. There is a grocery shop and a farm which sells sheepskin rugs; the homes are for the most part conventional Swedish cottages.

However, the Halleroeds’ house, about the less Really, the construction isn’t, technically, of the place: Considering that the couple work program would not permit them to carefully oversee the structure they had the home personalized for their specifications with a mill in Slovenia and sent to the island at giant numbered balls. Using its honey-color cedar-plank exterior along with a standing-seam aluminum cool roof, it feels much more natural than their business’s work — and it has the exact same emphasis on natural and craft substances, most prominently timber.

The comfy inside, clad in uncooked amalgamated spruce, is combined by a shiny oxblood-red-painted spruce-board fl

Truly a solid piece of furniture with zero superfluity by Mia Cullin – Verk -

ooring (a nod to Falu crimson, the hematite-rich pigment that has been utilized to paint Swedish homes because the 18th century) that runs across the construction, which is split down the center by a 30-foot-long wall. On the other side are just two streamlined bedrooms, a bath and a roughly 215-square-foot sleeping attic with beds for guests; into the west is a double-height open-plan living area where various zones leak into one another round a mild split degree: A little step leads up out of a reading area based round a wood-burning cast-iron fireplace into a dining room, kitchen and 2 seats nooks with built-in sheepskin- plus linen-topped Swedish pine seats.

A cozy retreat

As Ruxandra rolls out bread to get a blueberry pie at the kitchen comprising a lender of walnut cabinets and appliances assembled to the fundamental partition — she nods toward a six-foot-wide bean-shaped cutout from the wall over her to exemplify the improvisational way the few took to designing an area for themselves. Midway during the plan procedure, ” she sketched a kidneylike contour on the design for a placeholder, and among these revised it. “Ordinarily,” she states,”we’re a bit more strict.”

Returns into the surrounding woods. Every side of the construction will be punctuated with varying designs and dimensions of plate-glass dividers — two in complete — so that in the gloom of midwinter, the spruces outside are framed such as images around the walls. Crossing the whole southern side of the principal area is really a 10-foot-wide pane that gives glimpses of the ocean; flanked with a 15-foot-wide sliding glass door into the west along with a mirrored glass door into the east (both of which direct out ), it generates the impression that this component of the cottage — in which the household regularly likes a midafternoon fika — is still a pergola, receptive into the forests.

From the restroom, where glistening maroon wall tiles along with a burgundy red jasper marble flooring mimic the painted hardwood flooring throughout the remainder of the home, a glass doorway enables visitors to walk directly into the shower in the exterior whenever they go from swimming at the sea at summer or foraging for mushrooms in the autumn.

To Further blur the distinction between outside and inside, square balls are trimmed out of three of their house’s four corners to make modest porches sheltered under the back part of the roof. The southeast corner has been organized with hardy square-sided Swedish pine armchairs (to be draped with neighborhood reindeer pelts in the winter ) and also a little round pine dining table — all of pieces the couple initially made for a sofa in the Nordic Museum in Stockholm at 2018. About the southwest porch has been a very long pine table built from the couple as per a layout in the Modernist artist Enzo Mari’s 1974 publication”Autoprogettazione?” — in which the family regularly eats foods at the summer months.

Setting the mood

Swedish Furniture Design Conquers the World - Daily ScandinavianWhat furniture that the Halleroeds did not create themselves came out of local antique retailers, yet another manner in which the home pays tribute to Scandinavian midcentury layout. The house’s irregular notched floor program, specifically, was affected by among those forefathers of Modernism, the Austrian-born designer and architect Josef Frank, that left a lot of his important work in Sweden beginning in the 1930s — and that conceived of a succession of homes in 1947, a few of which featured climatic volumes under rectangular roofs. “It is important that you understand your background,” states Ruxandra. “It may not be directly represented in your job, but it affects your mind-set.”

Despite The few experimental strategy, however, the home is above a homage to the conventional dwellings of all Christian’s childhood: his parents owned a tiny pine-walled cottage — the sort that Swedes have constructed for centuries — at Salen, roughly six hours northwest of Stockholm, in which the family could vacation each winter. The angles of this Halleroeds’ house on Blido could be slippery, the decor and palette austere, however its substances and intent would be the same; it’s an ode to Sweden’s woodworking heritage and also a sanctuary in where they may enjoy the crackling landscapes where legacy derives.

“The walls might appear raw today,” Ruxandra states, because she serves her completed pie, deep with wild berries,”but in a couple of decades, once the wood ages, then it’s going to have precisely the exact same appearance.” The same as the trees which surround themolder and grander every calendar year, but consistently recognizably themselves.

Stockholm braces for health care reductions and Improvements to plug corona shortage

Stockholm health authorities are warning signals. Eeconomies might need to be manufactured in the aftermath of the corona epidemic.

Leading physicians prepare to lay off hundreds of employees.

“There’ll come a period of time, largely next calendar year, once the financial effect of the pandemic on society will begin to make itself understood,” Stockholm health manager Björn Eriksson advised The Neighborhood earlier this season . “Tax revenue will reduce as unemployment gains and expansion slows down. That means we’re likely to need to tighten our straps. Create stricter priorities later on, since things are looking pretty rough at this time.”

Before the coronavirus outbreak broke, Stockholm regional governments last year made a decision to create economies, and additional savings are anticipated as the area’s budget discussions because 2021 get under way. The pandemic has set a massive dent in the area’s financing, with such as falling earnings from the public transportation industry as a result of individuals following recommendations to operate at home and prevent trains, buses and subway.

“it is a great deal of cash. “I hope we will not need to provide notice to health care staff. We’re making cuts in the region of government and there’s a danger that such economies may come, you begin in administration and finally care employees. We constantly wish to safeguard them.”

Massive layoff

Karolinska University Hospital announces the first treatment in the Nordic  Region of a brain tumor with laser ablation - Karolinska  UniversitetssjukhusetKarolinska University Hospital a year ago announced plans to lay off hundreds of physicians and nurses to plug a shortage gap of over a thousand kronor, but briefly set them on hold through the worst of this coronavirus catastrophe in spring. Negotiations with labor unions are actually set to restart, hospital chiefs recently declared.

It’s all up to every hospital to choose how to execute some savings, therefore Eriksson declined to comment on the particular scenario at Karolinska. “You use your own tools in ways you believe provides the very best care and will be the best for your hospital.

Stockholm generally has approximately 90 available intensive care beds in the area, but declared that figure throughout the coronavirus emergency .

“I clearly believe everybody who has worked extremely hard throughout the pandemic has truly done an wonderful job. They’re heroes. I’m very thankful of what they do and I truly hope they feel valued by people as their companies,” said Eriksson.

Inspired by TT that which he’d inform doctors and nurses currently at risk of losing their jobs,” he explained:

“Should I appear at Stockholm health care, we will want all of the staff we’ve. I am hoping in the very long run that more will operate in advanced health care in the house and other kinds of care in which their abilities are wanted.”

Ongoing struggle

The capital was especially hard hit from the coronavirus. With over 2,300 deaths, even though the situation has significantly improved from the Stockholm area since spring and early summer. Eriksson said he believed the virus had spread quickly in Stockholm in an early phase of the epidemic, before anybody knew that it was here.

Many Swedes went to such as ski hotels in the Alps] however my Concept is that the disease has been established here and also in more States before it was detected,” he explained, but added he wasn’t Able to state when he believed the distribute began.