Young conservatives say No to the Euro

Politics | 2007-09-02

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The youth organisation of the Moderate party, MUF, decided on their congress yesterday to say no to the Euro.

The Swedes rejected the single currency in a referendum in 2003 and MUF was one of the most persistent advocates for voting yes. The change in position came as some of a surprise and MUF will now propose their mother party, Moderaterna, to say no. Moderaterna is the biggest party in the government and the home of prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

A new referendum is not likely anyway in the foreseeable future. Some liberals have started to talk about the possibility but since the Swedish opinion has not changed it is not likely to happen. The centre party, also in the government, was on the no-side in 2003 which make a new referendum even more unlikelly.


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