Radical Muslim opens health care center

Stockholm | 2008-09-04 | 4 comments

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A well-known radical Muslim, Mahmoud Aldebe is opening a district health care center at Telefonplan in south Stockholm.

Nalin Pekgul, former member of parliament and chairman of the Social Democratic Women´s Organisation criticise the health care center. She claims the reason for Aldebe to open it is that he wants Muslim men to be able to control their women.

-They do not want their wifes to go to an ordinary health care center where the doctors can propose abortion or birth control, she says.

Aldebe denies this purpose and says that anyone can seek health care there. They even have only Swedish doctors because they could not find any female Arabian doctors, which they wanted.

Anyone who fulfill the criteria and accept the requirements in the law, may apply for permission to open a health care center.

Aldebe is chairman of the Muslim Association of Sweden. He has made many controversial statements. For example that divorces between Muslim couples in Sweden should have to be accepted by an imam before being legal and that girls and boys should not have swimming classes together. He has also said that the interpretation of freedom of speech in the Muslim world is superior to the freedom of speech in the west.

(Stockholm City)

Readers' comments

2008-10-31 22:21 UlfT wrote:
A radical Muslim ´health care centre´ is indeed suspicious of serving radical Muslim ideas rather than regular health care. The centre should be closely superviced by national Swedish authorities.
2008-10-23 14:14 Aebrahim wrote:
If the west is so proud of secular and liberal values, why should a mere health care center cause so unease in the ranks. This reflects the narrow-mindedness and insubstantial boasts of superiority. Everyone should be respected for social and moral activites!!!
2008-09-12 04:21 mary wrote:
and where else could they mutilate their girls? God bless America and all free countries who must fight against Islam!
2008-09-09 15:58 PWEE wrote:
"They even have only Swedish doctors because they could not find any female Arabian doctors, which they wanted" So surprising Arabs do encourage so much the education of women I am so shocked they could not find one... Someone is walking on his head again. Why do you keep someone like Aldebe in your country ??? Multiculturalism is the death of western values and they are not so bad compared with let say Saudi Arabia. You should raise your heads like you neighbours the Danes. You cowards!

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