Stockholm gives a billion for the climate

Politics | 2007-09-13

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Yesterday, the four-party coalition that governs Stockholm municipality presented their budget for 2008 and outlines for 2009-2010. There were no real surprises except that during the three year period so much as one billion SEK are granted to energy saving measures in public buildings, to buy new environmental friendly cars for the city and other measures. It is referred to as “A billion for the climate”.

Other important posts in the new budget are a tax cut with 20 öre per hundred crowns. People who are unemployed and dependent on public funds will have an individual plan within five days regarding how to get a job. This also apply to grown up refugees with a capability to work

15 000 new apartments or small houses will be planned starting in 2008. Stockholmers who live in publicly owned apartments will still have the opportunity to buy them next year.

The budget as a whole is found here, unfortunately only in Swedish


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