Social Democrats seek new job policy

Politics | 2007-06-24

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Two prominent Social Democrats wrote an article together today in Dagens Nyheter. Thomas Östros, former minister for industry and trade and Luciano Astudillo, Member of Parliament are responsible for developing a new job policy for their party.

They claim in the article that one of the reasons they lost the election last year to the Centre-right coalition was that they didn’t focus enough on unemployment. How to bring people outside the labour market to work was the single most emphasised topic from the winning alliance.

The article contains a lot of self criticism. The Social Democrats, they write, relied too much on the business cycle boom to solve the unemployment problem. People didn’t see their solutions and didn’t realise that they took the problem seriously. “The day when people don’t think the Social Democrats has a good program to put people to work, that day we don’t deserve to win elections”  write Östros and Astudillo.

The writers now want an open discussion on what they can do better regarding job politics. They criticise the government’s method of cutting unemployment benefits. No substantial proposals comes however in the article. Instead they emphasise some fields of particular importance. That is for example the youth unemployment, opportunities for small enterprises to grow and employ, the sector of services, research and creating “better” jobs that people appreciate


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