Criticism against Sweden´s deportations of Christians to Iraq.

Sweden | 2009-08-10 | 5 comments
Sveriges Radio has reported that Christian Iraqi refugees have been sent back to Iraq. This has raised upset reactions both from within Sweden and from foreign human rights experts.

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The radio programme Ekot has followed 25 Christian Assyrians that Sweden has sent back to Iraq. All of them but one have escaped out of the country. The one who is till in Iraq is hiding in Mosul.

Edmund Michaels, chief of the Councelling Buro for Christians from middle East in London:

- I am shocked to hear about this. I follow the news constantly all over Europe and I did not believe my eyes, that a Swedish government would act so drastically against this small minority from Iraq. I am deeply shocked and I mean it, Mr Michaels says to Ekot.

Edmund Michaels get support from Hans ten Feld, chief of the UN refugee section in Stockholm:

- It is clear that the Christians have been a special group. They have been confonted by a continously higher risk and are therefore in higher need of protection than other groups, he says to Ekot.

In New York Michael Youash at the Assyrian organization ISDP called the deportations an ´evil deed´.

The Swedish Minister for Migration, Tobias Billström from the Moderate Party (centre-right) defends the deportations.

-There is nothing strange with this because we test each case individually. The Agency of Migration only focus on whether or not a specific individual has reasons for protection or not, he says to Ekot.

- It is of course tragical when these people are forced to escape, not matter if it happens a first, second or a third time...but Sweden can never ever be responsible for what happens to people during an unlimited time-period, Mr BIllström continues.

Only a few EU countries execute deportations of Christian Iraqis to Iraq, for example UK and Germany.

Note: The quotes are not exact.


Readers' comments

2010-12-24 05:50 Thomas E.C. Orest wrote:
Tobias Billstom, Swedish Minister of Migration and the Swedes that accept his action of deporting Christian Iraqis back to Iraq to face persecution and death from the intolerant Muslim populace and government, should be immediately dismissed. What has the Lutheran Church of Sweden and other churches done to protest this travesty? I,as an American of Swedish descent, am now ashamed to admit that heritage to other Americans. Thomas E. C. Orest
2009-08-17 23:31 UlfT wrote:
The decision to deporting Iraqi Christians back to their former country is not only irresponsible and ignorant. It´s just murderous and criminal.
2009-08-12 01:40 Joseph wrote:
This is a deplorable act by the Swedish government. All Mr. Billstrom has to do is google the subject of Assyrians of Iraq in order to educate himself about the unimaginable atrocities that are committed against this small defenseless and helpless Christian minority. Government of Sweden, shame on you...
2009-08-11 17:52 Luka wrote:
This is inconceivable. These are Assyrians, not just Christians, who have time and time again had to suffer unimaginable horrors at the hands of the Arabs, who make it their business to attempt to systematically remove our presence on this earth for no apparent reason! I ddin´t think a European government would ever abet this unworthy and evil cause.
2009-08-11 00:20 Mr. Nickolaus Hendel wrote:
How many lions and snakes does it take to eat christians? Only in Stockholm does the government allow the deporable situation to escalate to lower standards and the rest of us have to take it? -I am not amuse or have high expectation for this type of behaviour.

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