"Serbian police informed about the robbery plans"

Stockholm | 2009-09-28 | 1 comment
The Swedish police knew that a big robbery was planned in Stockholm, but they didn’t know where or when. This was revealed in Swedish television this weekend.

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Aftonbladet writes that the Serbian police gave their Swedish colleagues information about exactly what was going to happen, including where and when.

– We gave them all information they needed to stop the robbery. We did everything except going there ourselves to stop the operation, says the Serbian police boss Milorad Veljovic to Aftonbladet.

The Swedish police deny that they had information about the exact details. They do not want to comment any further on the investigation at all but according to Svenska Dagbladet, the Serbian information said it would happen one week before it actually did. When nothing happened, the Swedish police let go of the extra security measures they had initiated around places where cash and other valuable goods are stored.

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2009-10-03 13:53 policefan wrote:
"We did everything except going there ourselves to stop the operation" A broken ATM issued cash 5 min after my request and while I was reporting this to the bank a man took the money, used his card after (genius!) and was captured on video. So the action on video + the full id was available to find the person straight way. The Swedish police took only 6 months to do that.

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